The idiots in charge of Iran

Asher Moses reports:

has been caught out in another Photoshop blunder in an effort to prove its purported stealth fighter jet is the real deal.

An Iranian state news agency released a new picture of the radar-dodging jet flying above snow-covered mountains.

But the picture was immediately suspected to be fake, with the lighting on the plane and its position similar to its appearance in pictures on the ground in Tehran at the unveiling earlier this month.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad described it as “among the most advanced fighter jets in the world”, capable of hitting ground and air targets by stealth, but experts dismissed it as a “laughable fake” which looks like a toy or mock-up model.

Now the new picture has also been laughed off, after it was revealed by The Atlantic Wire that the background image of the mountain was taken from the stock image

It scares me that such morons can be in charge of a country. I mean seriously it just wouldn’t happen in most countries. I could just imagine what would happen in say NZ if the PM suggested we just photoshop an image of a plane into a picture and claim it is a stealth fighter. There would be hundreds of people pointing out why it is the stupidest idea ever.

In 2008, news wire Agence France-Presse had to retract an official image of an Iran missile launch following revelations it was doctored to include an extra missile. The photo had appeared on the front pages of many media outlets including and the front page of The Los Angeles Times.

In November last year Iran showed off a new drone design, but it was later revealed that the photographs it released were ripped off from a Japanese university and doctored.

Iran last month claimed to have successfully sent a monkey into space in a Pishgam rocket. That announcement was also accused of being faked as photographs of the monkey before and after showed two clearly different animals. Iran is sticking to its guns.

They’ve done it so often now, it is really becoming a bad joke. The Iranian Government seems to be the equivalent of the kid with the small penis who keeps stuffing tissue paper into his underpants to make his package look bigger.

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