100,000 pre-registered

Tony Ryall announced:

As at 8.30 this morning, 100,000 New Zealanders have pre-registered their interest in buying shares in the Government’s partial share offer of up to 49 per cent of energy company . …

“This compares with the ten days it took for pre-registration to reach the 100,000 mark with the Contact Energy share offer in 1999.

Superb. And there are 16 days still to go.

I wonder when will announce their policy on whether they will compulsorily acquire any shares purchased by New Zealanders and return the companies to 100% government ownership?

All will they say, after all their huffing, that in fact they will do nothing to change the level of private shareholdings if they win the next election?

If Labour are going to have a policy of compulsory nationalisation, they should make this clear before the offer document is tabled.

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