Hipkins on payouts

March 13th, 2013 at 12:00 pm by David Farrar

In Parliament yesterday:

But we heard about the issue of Lesley Longstone and I just want to raise that with who has been particularly interested in that issue. I want to take him back and remind him of when he was Victoria University Student Association President and what he said back then about a $42,000 package to get rid of a former vice-chancellor. I quote from the New Zealand Herald in 2000: “Victoria University Students Association President said while he did not like the idea of paying people to go away it was money well spent.”

What a change of tune from Mr Hipkins. I am sure that quote will be remembered when he next expressed outrage over a contractual payout.

10 Responses to “Hipkins on payouts”

  1. Mark (1,614 comments) says:

    So a snide remark aimed at reinforcing Hipkins view that the vice chancellor was not his favourite administrator is now an indicator if some prior ideological view. A fairly weak shot from national with a should do better grading

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  2. hmmokrightitis (1,919 comments) says:

    Hypocrisy isnt idealogical Mark, its stupidity. Or are you defending flip flops if they are red?

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  3. OneTrack (4,602 comments) says:

    hmmokrightitis – It is always ok when the left do it. Nothing to see here. Move along.

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  4. Tristan (62 comments) says:

    If politicians where held to account by what they said or did as student politicians we wouldn’t have many politicians!

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  5. ross69 (3,651 comments) says:

    Maybe the VC was incompetent…like Hekia Parata. Alas, Parata hasn’t been paid out…

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  6. ross69 (3,651 comments) says:

    If Parata was paid $42k to leave Parliament, that would be a small price indeed.

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  7. Mark (1,614 comments) says:

    hmmokrightitis I am all for getting back at Hipkins for the mincemeat he has made of Parata ( albeit she is such a liability to National she is not worth saving). All I am pointing out is this quote is fairly pathetic and hardly worth the effort. It is a stretch to call it hipocracy

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  8. Flyingkiwi9 (85 comments) says:

    Mark – I really hope you don’t work in any position of responsibility.

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  9. hmmokrightitis (1,919 comments) says:

    No its not Mark. Its hypocrisy. Would a lefty fucktard hold a Nat MP to account for things s/he did 15, 20 years ago as a politician? Of course they would. And rightly so. Just as Phil Dipshit Goff flogged the silver 20 years ago and now claims to have seen the light, they can all fuck off – if you take a moral stand, expect to be asked why your morals change. End of.

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  10. bc (1,754 comments) says:

    A pretty feeble attempt to fling some mud that will stick to Hipkins. All it does is how how Hipkins is getting under National’s skin.

    Anyway, I fail to see any hypocrisy. The quote says “Victoria University Students Association President Chris Hipkins said while he DID NOT LIKE THE IDEA OF PAYING MONEY TO GO AWAY it was money well spent”.

    So was it money well spent to make Longstone go away? That’s the $425,000 question.

    Two other things:
    – 2000 is 13 years ago. If John Key can change his opinion of gay rights in that time, I’m sure Hipkins can change his opinion too.
    – A payout of $42000 for someone to go quietly could be considered a better use of money “well spent” than a payout of $425000 (ten times better?)

    Meanwhile, Parata keeps getting paid for being the worst Education Minister ever, Longstone gets $425,000 of hush money, and debt collectors are being paid to retrieve an overpayment of $20 made to a teacher (except that it wasn’t paid to her as it turns out).
    Money well spent???

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