More scaremongering

March 14th, 2013 at 12:00 pm by David Farrar

There is a Hands Off the WOF Facebook group set up by the . They of course want to force people to keep getting six monthly WOFs, despite all the evidence being the costs massively outweigh the benefits. I’m surprised they don;t go the whole hog and advocate weekly checks.

Anyway they posted this week about a worn brake rotor, and said this was proof you needed six monthly WOFs. They said:

This brake rotor has completely worn through one side and separated from the central hub, meaning the owner of this van had been driving around with brakes on one side only stopping his vehicle (the one shown intact in this image). 

The van owner only brought it in for a check up because he heard ‘a noise coming from the front’. Aside from the fact that this is a significant component failure, it still had 8 months left on its WoF.

First of all, it actually shows that drivers will get cars checked out when there are problems. But the more important point is made by a commenter:

Anyone with any commonsense is going to look at this wonder how it was allowed to get anywhere near this condition.

It is pretty obvious that the car shouldn’t have got anywhere near getting a clean WOF checks four months earlier. There is no way it goes from okay to the state displayed in four months. I think it actually shows that the current system is no guarantee of safety – it is just a guarantee of revenue.

10 Responses to “More scaremongering”

  1. dave53 (179 comments) says:

    It doesn’t bother me that my car will only require a WOF every 12 months rather than six (it sailed through one yesterday). What is as sure as day follows night is that testing stations will massively increase their fees to cover the reduction of testing. I predict the $50 I paid yesterday will go to at least $80.

    So the projected savings to motorists are really a mirage.

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  2. Liberty (617 comments) says:

    MTA have got it wrong. The days where they are being feather bedded by the state are gone.
    It’s time the industry stopped crying over spelt milk. Harden up and get on with it.
    Because there industry is no longer compulsory. They may no longer be able to charge like a wounded bull.

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  3. burt (11,437 comments) says:

    Perhaps the car park tax inspectors can also be warrant of fitness inspectors and Nanny National can join forces with Nanny Labour to make sure we all pay fees for things that make no sense to keep unemployment low.

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  4. stigie (3,838 comments) says:

    This is scaremongering from the MTA and no wof is going to pick this up.
    I think this is a component failure by the looks of it and could happen soon after you got a wof.

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  5. Griff (13,845 comments) says:

    Thats a hell of a lot of grinding.
    You would have to be a Darwin candidate to not notice that sort of noise and the effects on your brakes
    Who ever drove a car in that condition should not be behind the wheel.

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  6. Mark (450 comments) says:

    If thta passed a WoF they should go back to where they got it.

    It wasn’t worth the paper it was written on.

    Makes you wonder what the standard of care is with getting a WoF?

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  7. dime (12,984 comments) says:

    Greg Murphy has lost a shit load of credibility backing this mob.

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  8. stigie (3,838 comments) says:

    @ dime He was paid a shit load of money to back this mob …eh…

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  9. PhilP (409 comments) says:

    I wonder whether Greg Murphy really believes all he says on the MTA ads or just did it for the $’s.
    It’s just senseless opposing this change in the WOF. Most people will seek professional help (garage) if they feel there is something wrong with their vehicle before a warrant is due. It’s a no brainer really.
    MTA are purely looking after their own interests by putting profit before practicality.
    And as Dave53 says just wait for the price of a 1 year WOF to sky rocket.

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  10. Steve (North Shore) (4,953 comments) says:

    1. The WOF test is a visual and mechanical inspection. If your brakes work they pass. If there is only 2000km life left on the disc pads, it still passes. The WOF tester is not a mechanic or reporter, he is a tester.
    2. The fucking paperwork takes longer than the testing, and watch out if you fuck up the paperwork.
    3. The photos shown are suspect to me. If the rotor was that worn surely the piston would have popped from the caliper? I see no traces of hydraulic fluid, no worn caliper, no pads.

    I could be wrong, but this is not rocket science

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