The Great Comedy Debate

March 11th, 2013 at 1:38 pm by David Farrar

Vic Debsoc have their great comedy debate tonight at 6.30 pm in the Hunter Lounge. Details are:

Come and watch some great debaters and comedians the topic “The rent is too damn high!”

This year we are delighted to announce an absolutely fantastic line-up of comedians and debaters for this event. Including former Billy T nominee and NZ Comedian Jerome Chandrahasen, amateur comedian and former Weir House member John Heslop, renowned beer critic and free lance writer Neil Miller, amateur comedian and former desoc member Nik Bruce Smith and finally our own debating extraordinaires Josh Cameron and Richard D’Ath. 

We will be selling tickets at our stall at clubs week or on the door for $10.


One Response to “The Great Comedy Debate”

  1. bc (1,753 comments) says:

    Meanwhile “The Losers Comedy Debate” can be found in the item above me about trolls.

    Highlights include posters commenting about how many “likes” they get or many many page views they get on their blogs (how sad).
    Also, comments about how much they are liked on Whaleoil (if that’s something to be proud of).

    Throw in a bit of childish name calling (at about the sophistication level of a 6 year old) and it’s the most pathetic (but strangely amusing) thing I’ve read on this blog for a long time.

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