Torture in Fiji?

TVNZ reports:

A brutal video allegedly showing police or military beating and torturing two men is believed to have been filmed in November.

Sources have told ONE News the man in the back of the pick-up truck is prisoner Iowane Benedito, who had escaped from custody, and that the other man pictured in the video was accused of harbouring him. 

That incident followed another in which Amnesty International wrote an open letter to interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama about five prisoners who were beaten.

Its East Asia head Roseann Rife wrote in that case that one of the prisoners was so severely beaten his right leg had to be amputated as a result of an infected open fracture and that he was unable to appear in court until two months after his recapture.

TVNZ and other media sites have got an edited one minute version of the video, as it is so disturbing. I’ve embedded below the full video.

The video is difficult to watch. The restrained men is beaten with stocks or batons and kicked.His ankles are targeted often and must have been shattered. A baton was inserted up his anus (through clothing) multiple times. The soles of his feet are pounded with the long end of the baton. A dog is set on him as he is helpless

There are really just two questions for the Fijian Government.

  1. Are the men who did the , employed by the Government and if so who ordered the ?
  2. Have they been arrested and charged?

Actions speak louder than words. Of course it will be claimed they were rogue officers (if they were Police officers) and all countries have rogue officers. But the issue is what has happened to the men responsible? The abuse was reported last year? Were any arrests made? Have the men responsible now been arrested? he video evidence is compelling.

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