Wednesday Wallpaper | Cathedral Square & Full Moon, Christchurch

March 6th, 2013 at 2:57 pm by Todd Sisson
Cathedral Square at night with the Christchurch Cathedral and the Chalice Sculpture (by Neil Dawson) Canterbury, New Zealand - stock photo, canvas, fine art print

Cathedral Square, Christchurch at night with full moon and fire poi guys (and gals?). Post first Canterbury earthquake. Photography by Sarah Sisson

Sarah made this image in October 2010, after the first Canterbury earthquake.  We were both amazed at how well the city was rebounding from those first earthquakes – Cantabrians had done an incredible job of getting most of the core CBD landmarks up and going even within 6 weeks of the quake.  We have a gallery of Christchurch CBD images up on our stock photography site from that October shoot that some of you may find to be a pleasant use of five minutes.

Sorry for posting and running last week – I forgot about my Canon v Nikon question.  Beautox nailed the answer – yes it was made on the Canon.  And we’re great thanks Bob – must catch up soon!

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This image is available  as a canvas print. on our  website.

See you next week – and thanks for all the great comments last week!

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4 Responses to “Wednesday Wallpaper | Cathedral Square & Full Moon, Christchurch”

  1. iMP (2,665 comments) says:

    Gee we’ve lost a lot. This view is terrible now.

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  2. hj (8,596 comments) says:

    “Imposing buildings rose on the spongy riverbank- a reflection of the remarkable faith the leaders of the Canterbury settlement had in it’s future.”

    Bold young men drove sheep on to the vast grazing runs to found pastoral empires and land owning dynasties. Out of the wealth from the squatters’ wool clips, and from wheat when the tussock was ploughed, grew a city of scholarship, grace and dignity”

    Professor Kenneth Cumberland Landmarks
    “One thing he is clear about is that the demographic changes set to occur in Christchurch could transform the city infamous for its white supremacist National Front movement. [all 6 of them] While Christchurch does have small ethnic enclaves, hosting lantern festivals for Chinese New Year and Diwali festivals for the Indian community, the scale of the anticipated migrant influx is unparalleled in its history.”

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  3. fredinthegrass (278 comments) says:

    A beautiful memory of a wonderful part of Christchurch.

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  4. beautox (500 comments) says:

    Lot of purple (well, blue) fringing on that upturned shuttlecock thingy, Todd

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