A parliamentary question

April 18th, 2013 at 7:00 am by David Farrar

From Parliament:

2532 (2013). Hon  to the Minister for Economic Development (19 Mar 2013): Has he or any predecessor expressed a lack of confidence or indicated a relationship breakdown with any staff of any department, agency or ministry for which he has responsibility to the staffer’s Chief Executive or their officials since 19 November 2008; if so, on how many occasions, is he aware of or has he received any reports on what occurred, and if so, what did occur?
Hon  (Minister for Economic Development) replied: No. With regard to any predecessor in my portfolios, the only instances I am aware of relate to comments made by Hon Trevor Mallard, describing an official as incompetent.
That old saying about throwing stones in glasshouses.

4 Responses to “A parliamentary question”

  1. Viking2 (14,368 comments) says:

    It seems these Labour clog heads have taken over the dope smoking that the greens once were famous for.

    Gees Trev.
    Where the fuck are you brains.
    A ex Cabinet Minister no less.
    Time you quit.
    Alzheimers is getting ya.
    Stupid git.

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  2. RRM (12,564 comments) says:

    😆 LOL – very nice.


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  3. RF (2,328 comments) says:

    Beauty.. own goal.. one of many.

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  4. pidge (68 comments) says:

    And there’s Parker throwing a tanturm at the contractor who pointed out the Carbon Credits calculation was wrong. I believe the phrase “you’ll never work again in New Zealand” was said.

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