Do we need preventive detention for repeat drink drivers?

Stuff reports:

One of the country’s worst drink-drivers has been sent back to prison but has exposed the “pathetically weak” sentences available to judges.

Dean Murray Holder clocked up his 47th conviction yesterday for driving either drunk or disqualified. He was hit with the toughest sentence the judge could give him – 18 months in prison.

A drug and alcohol expert who works with repeat drink-drivers said extreme offenders such as Holden were worse than paedophiles and the law for dealing with them was “pathetically weak”.

Eventually a repeat drink driver will kill someone, so is there a case for preventive detention for them? Not after three strikes by say after 15?

If people are addicted to alcohol, that is fine (not fine, but only hurtung themselves). But take a bus or taxi. There is no excuse to drive drunk hundreds and hundreds of times.

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