Finlayson on the Crown Minerals Bill

April 12th, 2013 at 4:00 pm by David Farrar


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  1. somewhatthoughtful (494 comments) says:

    Yes, let us all “get away from the hyperbole”, so that we may launch ad-hom personal attacks on people who taught us in 1973. Mr Finlayson is a shining example to us all of how one should avoid hyperbole.

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  2. Minnie (90 comments) says:

    Far and away the sharpest speaker in the House at present. In every sense of sharp!

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  3. tvb (5,518 comments) says:

    Yes I feel sometimes Sir Geoffrey allows his political views to get in the way of sound legal opinion. No doubt he will respond to Chris Findlayson’s provocative speech. So we will await the next serve.

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  4. David Garrett (10,994 comments) says:

    For what is almost certainly the first and last time in my life, I am with Professor Sir Geoffrey on this one…if Finlayson wants to give him a “serve” he should do so outside the House, not within the nice safe confines of parliamentary privilege…

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  5. somewhatthoughtful (494 comments) says:

    Well said, David (words I never thought would leave my keyboard).

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  6. bc (1,754 comments) says:

    Enjoy? Yawn more like (and then shake head in disbelief that my taxpayers dollars pay for politicians to smirk and play childish point scoring games).

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  7. wf (762 comments) says:

    @ bc – like no-one else tries to point-score in parliament?

    I rather enjoy a bit of thrust and parry in the debating chamber, but most of the time it’s not worth the bother –

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  8. bc (1,754 comments) says:

    That’s my point wf. They all do it. All point-scoring and 5/6 of nothing getting done.
    DPF says Enjoy. I call it for what it is – total beltway stuff.

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  9. UpandComer (665 comments) says:

    To bc, that’s the point. Chris is emphasising that the criticism is beltway bullshit. I’m not sure how you missed the blazingly obvious point.

    As to personal attacks on Palmer, why not, Palmer was silent as Chris said during all those wonderful defences of the Constitution Labour afflicted the country with in their term.

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  10. Warren Murray (400 comments) says:

    Thanks, i liked it.

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  11. HC (186 comments) says:

    Chris was trying to be smart, but he clearly had the “belly full” after a good lunch, and it shows. As much as he may rubbish Sir Geoffrey Palmer and other high ranking legal experts, Chris the Fin laid some has disappointed with a number of legal questions. He does not seem to realise that the BORA (Bill of Rights Act) has some bearing on new legislation, so it did on a number of bills recently introduced and even passed. That is a poor showing, and it exposes true bias by him for his government mates and matesses.

    NZ needs a constitution, I agree, and this kind of rant to support a Minerals Bill, where an opportunistic, small, young and apprentice Simon Bridgeass tries to use the SOP process to bring in law changes compromising certain laws of the sea and BORA, that is disappointing, dear Mr Finlayson.

    There is NO need for this, as you even admitted, but the text is actually ruling out any “protest” within half a km or so. Hence, if no damage is likely to be done, even not even having to raise that question, and as it will not eventuate, how can Chris the fin laid some support such a bill? It is nonsensical, was it the good lunch at Bellamie’s or the wine with it, that made him so courageous to stand up and present stand up comedy for the public?

    No, Chris, you got it wrong, I am afraid, and you better admit it now, before the embarrassment gets bigger.

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  12. joana (1,983 comments) says:

    Very good HC..
    Bridges is a whiney , pathetic little creature..a lapdog , a puppy , far from being a man. He seems to be just another person who has been promoted beyond his abilities in true NZ style..While I am on the topic , why are so many of these men such poor speakers? The guy Key shoulder tapped for the spy job would be outdone by the most junior toastmasters in regional clubs and no one seemed to have given him any advice before he appeared on TV..Where are the advisors and why are they being paid?

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  13. UpandComer (665 comments) says:

    What are you on about HC. Chris the fin laid? Could you be any more laborious in your mocking? That’s four hamfisted syllables for a stupid nick name.

    I think Chris has a firm grasp of the application of the Bill of Rights Act to legislation HC. I imagine he just doesn’t make spurious or silly applications or interpretations of the BORA as you might prefer.

    It wasn’t really a rant, so much as a plead for persons such as yourself to get past the save the world rhetoric and focus on the words and substance of the legislation. As Chris stated quite effectively, the wording pertaining to Protesters does not limit protest, only material damage or interference, which is unlawful anyway.

    If you are dealing with very large, and minimally responsive equipment, such as container shipping, or explosive zones on a mining site, or large scale excavators or road trains, half a km in practical terms is still very dangerous actually HC. I imagine Chris being based in reality actually understands a little about the industries the legislation regards.

    I think he supports the Bill because it’s a good bill, when you focus on the Bill and not the Bull.

    Your whole post is bull.

    For goodness sakes don’t try and adopt the tone you’re adopting. You definitely can’t pull it off. Not many can. Chris can.

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  14. Manolo (22,075 comments) says:

    Sharp as a razor.

    The forgettable and pompous Geoffrey Palmer, the ultimate parasite, is everywhere where a buck can be made.

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  15. lazza (612 comments) says:


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