Japan enters TPP

April 22nd, 2013 at 3:00 pm by David Farrar

Claire Trevett reports:

has been allowed to enter the Trans Pacific Partnership trade talks by the 11 countries already in negotiations.

Trade Minister Tim Groser announced Japan’s entry had been agreed on from Indonesia where talks were held on the sidelines of the APEC trade ministers’ meeting.

New Zealand has been cautious about Japan’s entry into the talks because of its protectionist policies and high tariffs especially in horticulture and agriculture.

Mr Groser gave New Zealand’s final approval after meeting with Japan’s Minister of Economic Revitalisation, Akira Amari who had assured him Japan was committed to a comprehensive agreement.

There are some risk with having Japan join the TPP negotiations, but also great potential benefits. They are a major trading partner for NZ, and getting a reduction in trade tariffs would be very good for New Zealand.

The US proposals for the intellectual property chapter are unacceptable, as they are not balanced enough. Our current law is pretty good (not perfect) in reflecting the balance of rights when it comes to intellectual property. I want New Zealand to maintain the stance they have had for the last two to three years on the intellectual property chapter – which is no change to domestic law.

If a TPP can be concluded with an acceptable intellectual property chapter, I’d regard that as a very good thing.

10 Responses to “Japan enters TPP”

  1. OneTrack (4,602 comments) says:

    Ok, I’ll ask the dumb question then. Why is there some risk with having Japan join the TPP? (I thought they were lready part of it)

    [DPF: The risk is that an agreement will be harder to achieve]

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  2. duggledog (2,357 comments) says:

    Is it true the Japanese are printing $75 billion US a month

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  3. sbk (329 comments) says:

    $75 billion US a month…huh…shit why are the japs printing in US$, fools…even Russell plans to print in Kiwi $…. i have a dream…


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  4. sbk (329 comments) says:

    sorry duggledog…just the way it read to me….an invitation to take the mickey….or a yen to ride/chide.

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  5. slijmbal (1,270 comments) says:

    I’m not convinced this is a good thing.

    We now have two G6 economies in the TPP with large trade barriers to agriculture for instance. As a lot of what goes on in the TPP is kept below the radar it’s not clear what conditions they have pre-agreed to.

    It appears to make it harder to come to an arrangement that benefits the little guys and not the big.

    The Japs are printing in Yen of course sbk – duh!.

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  6. sbk (329 comments) says:

    duh!…of course…to re-iterate, just taking the mickey.

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  7. slijmbal (1,270 comments) says:

    “duh!…of course…to re-iterate, just taking the mickey.”

    missed that – too close to realty for many of the comments here – needed to be a bit more weird or OTT to actually be humorous. Good point though – really need to start buying US denominated assets now for future gains.

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  8. david (2,340 comments) says:

    Translation: Japan has agreed to support Tim Groser’s bid for head of World Trade Organisation. Here’s hoping he gets a full term and can finish what Mike Moore started.

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  9. david@tokyo (263 comments) says:

    New Zealanders may be surprised at what Japan ultimately agrees to.

    The new government has surprised me in how aggressive they have been in the kinds of policies they are seeking. It’s still early days, but PM Abe’s team was adamant that they would force the Bank of Japan to pursue policy in favour of creating inflation (the deflation here has been pretty mild if you ask me, but that’s besides the point). And the Bank of Japan under new leadership has come out and surprised everyone with their 2-2-2-2 policy at the start of April. The markets have certainly listened and the yen has weakened around 20% against the US dollar, even with the USD printing presses still running hot as well.

    The other big part of Abenomics is structural reform, of which we have heard nothing concrete. Politically this is difficult to achieve due to the oldies here who want to keep 600%+ tariffs on rice imports etc. However I think Abe and team will push through against this traditional support base and show a surprising amount of flexibility in trade negotiations.

    Number 1, Abe’s team is riding high in the polls. Rather than decreasing in support after being elected, they have seen an increase in support, currently running around 70% (skeptics like me have been impressed with their execution if not their policies).
    Number 2, these guys have a sense of crisis about Japan. 2 decades of economic stagnation, a shrinking population, and they have been leap-frogged by China in terms of economic size. They see a China that is increasingly looking to expand it’s marine presence and lay claims to Japanese territory, a China that is populated by millions and millions of youngsters who have been educated to want revenge against Japan for what happened a couple of generations ago, and think violence is justified if it’s taken out of a devotion to the Chinese state.

    Abe’s team have the political capital to burn, and the TPP stands as an almost perfectly timed opportunity to set Japan back on a growth path, make Japan a stronger nation, and keep the Chinese military out of Japanese waters.

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  10. KiwiSteve (14 comments) says:

    Is this true or not? Please cite references, given that this secret trade deal is not for our eyes

    Monsanto leading super-secret ‘above Congress’ Obama trade scheme to outlaw GMO labeling worldwide

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/041965_TPP_GMO_labeling_Monsanto.html#ixzz2eRTTDwuD

    Sometimes happy mischief takes on another character

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