No wonder the ACTU is worried

April 7th, 2013 at 11:00 am by David Farrar reports:

THE Australian labour movement will wage a pre-emptive strike against the federal opposition as the election nears, ACTU boss Ged Kearney says.

This means spend a shitload of money. They’ll need to as the latest poll projects 109 seats for the Coalition and just 36 for Labor.

In a candid address to a NSW Teacher’s Federation conference in Sydney on Saturday, Ms Kearney indicated the ACTU was bracing for a coalition win on September 14 and a royal commission into union corruption.

That could be devastating for them.

“The royal commission is coming – because of the HSU, because of the whole slush fund stuff, they will come at us with lawyers and barristers and queen’s counsels and they will try to send us broke,” she said.

They should welcome a Royal Commission to clean their mess up.


8 Responses to “No wonder the ACTU is worried”

  1. Kimble (4,092 comments) says:

    Kim Carr, who was on the wrong side of the Rudd/Gillard kerfuffle, said something similar in his press conference. Now, I don’t like Unions (because of the way that unionists have acted in the past and continue to act now) but it struck me that even a neutral observer would do a double-take when a minister, recently of Cabinet, says “We can’t let the Lib’s win, because if they do win, they will start looking into Union corruption.”

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  2. tvb (3,941 comments) says:

    Yes they want to keep the lid in this which Gillard will do. Rudd may not as he is not beholden to them. Abbott has no truck with the Unions who are a minority with too much power within the Federal Labour Party. I have not heard of any suggestion of a RoyalCommission by Abbott. So what the Unions should be saying. But they seem very nervous.

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  3. burt (7,085 comments) says:

    The unions should be nervous. There are few instructions left in the world where money is extracted from low paid workers to fund the lifestyles of fat cat bosses who pretend to be on the workers side while living a vastly different lifestyle at their expense.

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  4. Kimble (4,092 comments) says:

    Institutions maybe?

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  5. burt (7,085 comments) says:

    Kimble … Yes, absolutely… Oops

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  6. burt (7,085 comments) says:

    The thing is you know the CEO’s are living high on the labour of the workers, the margins of the trading etc. The unions… The union leaders park their BMW’s out of sight and pretend to be one of the workers the when they are done pretending go back to their beautiful homes and enjoy the fruits extracted from the people they claim to represent.

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  7. Kimble (4,092 comments) says:

    Superman III principle: the best way to steal a lot of money is to take tiny amount from a lot of people, not the other way round.

    Then if you can get a religious following who will place pressure on people to conform…

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  8. Harriet (4,010 comments) says:

    Union corruption in Australia reaches far and wide into all private sector business via government legislation.

    Unions tell their members that ‘accreditation’ is needed for health and safety, and to keep out ‘low paid workers’. The government then enacts legislation to show that it is looking after workers.
    Some of this maybe true, but courses to enter into mining, constuction ect start at $60 via the internet for a 10 question ‘test’ to get you a ‘blue card’ which only then allows you to get physicly onsite.
    Coalboard medical is a few hundred. Other courses -which arn’t courses at all- but ‘tick-box passes’ that run from 1 day to two weeks are in the thousands.

    Other areas that ‘concerned’ unionists are involved in is the actual training of those who want to enter say, mining. The candidate pays anything from a $1000 for a couple of days learning to use a bulldozer.
    You may have used a bulldozer every day for the last 20 yrs, but you still need one of these to get to drive onsite. Once your bluecard gets you on site. And your coalboard medical gets you on site. Then if your boss wants you to drive a digger instead, you get to do another course that either you or the company pays for.

    If the company pays, you are then of course told “The Union got that for you.”

    You don’t need to dig to far to see who ownes all these government legislated red tape businesses – the Union bosses.

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