The Nation 13 April 2013

April 12th, 2013 at 9:07 pm by Kokila Patel has all our video and transcripts.

1.      The GCSB affair — Do we know everything that happend — what next, how should it be fixed. Former director Sir Bruce Ferguson and Mai Chen with Rachel.
2.      What should NZ do about North Korea — Professor Xiaoming Huang (VUW), Stephen Epstein (VUW), Insoo Park (Korean Society of Auckland), Profesosr John Earnshaw (Cantebury).
3.       Tape report: Inside the Conservative Party — is there more to it than Colin Craig; could it form a Government with National.
4.       Gavin Ellis will be on the Sunday Media Panel with Brian Edwards and Bill Ralston on how the Government has spun the GCSB affair.

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13 Responses to “The Nation 13 April 2013”

  1. HC (186 comments) says:

    It seems that Rachel and her ‘The Nation’ are finally trying to get a bit more balanced with their programs, that is GOOD news.

    I really look forward to the interviews with Mai Chen and Sir Bruce Ferguson on the GCSB. I had enough of excuses from Key and English, and some balance on this is overdue. Mai Chen is a top lawyer, she is NOT biased, as being a Taiwanese migrant, who did not have it easy, but who adapted well, kept some of her own culture and somewhat independent migrant mentality, and with her legal qualifications is one that is always worth listening to.

    Being a migrant from a different background, but having lived in NZ for over two decades, I am well aware of local and migrant mentalities, concerns, interests and capabilities. Mai Chen is highly respected and regarded by me and many I know.

    Sir Bruce Ferguson will of course offer a different view to what this government may like, but it is worth giving him a say also, to see the greater picture of that so secretive GCSB agency.

    North Korea is much a “show” topic now, but we need to watch that mad young dictator up there, who seems to have a dream of stepping into his grandfather’s steps (his father was too much of an alcoholic and pervert, as I heard).

    The Conservative Party is much overrated in my view, but it is always good to look behind the scenes, is it not, we tried this with “the brethren” once, that was in Key’s early days, in National.

    But well, we do not want to revive those issues, right?

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  2. SPC (8,704 comments) says:

    While Winston Peters rightly questioned the suggestion made by John Key of military support from us if South Korea was attacked, the USA has said the same thing since (not that this is news).

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  3. Pete George (24,828 comments) says:

    I really look forward to the interviews with Mai Chen and Sir Bruce Ferguson on the GCSB

    Me too, but I don’t know if it will provide a balanced view. I think Smalley usually does balance fairly well, but her interview with Grant Robertson on The Nation last week was a bit of a patsy, as was her interview of him on Firstline yesterday morning where he was allowed to repeat much the same highly questionable claims without question.

    I mentioned this to Smalley on Twitter and she was a bit peeved about her balance being questioned…


    @PeteDGeorge That’s ridiculous – all been covered. Tiresome getting tweets like this. I sit on the fence and give both sides a fair hearing

    …but I think it was a fair call (and journalists who actively use Twitter to promote what they’re doing should be prepared to get some feedback).

    In particular I’m looking forward to seeing Ferguson being asked about whether he had anything to do with the leaking of the draft Kitteridge report.

    Will Mai Chen provide balance to Ferguson? Have to wait and see.

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  4. Pete George (24,828 comments) says:

    4. Gavin Ellis will be on the Sunday Media Panel with Brian Edwards and Bill Ralston on how the Government has spun the GCSB affair.

    If they are going to provide balance they will also look at how Labour have spun the GCSB affair.

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  5. OneTrack (4,602 comments) says:

    “I sit on the fence and give both sides a fair hearing”

    I call bullshit on that one. I wonder if she actually believes her own spin that she is an impartial interviewer.

    Sounds like others are also pulling her up on her bias.

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  6. Pete George (24,828 comments) says:

    Both the GCSB interviews were very good. Ferguson stayed out of the political mire and made well informed points. Mai Chen was also a very good addition to the GCSB debate.

    We can’t have a public inquiry of everything about the secret services as Labour wants, that would be ludicrous.

    But as Ferguson accepts and Mai Chen strongly advocates, we need much stronger oversight, which means substantially improving the resources of the main means of oversight, the Inspector-General.

    The Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security is charged by an Act of Parliament to assist the Minister responsible for a security and intelligence agency (traditionally the Prime Minister) in the oversight and review of that agency. In particular, the Inspector-General ensures that the activities of each agency comply with the law and that any complaints about an agency are independently investigated.

    The Inspector-General is appointed by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Prime Minister following consultation with the Leader of the Opposition.

    Mai Chen said the Inspector-General was a part time position with an annual budget of $130,000 – that needs seriously beefing up.

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  7. Paulus (3,567 comments) says:

    It would appear that Ferguson will be unable to climb out of the shit he is in.
    He cannot keep his big mouth shut.
    Much of what happened in GCSB is under his CEO management, so he must admit that he cocked up too.
    But no, he was a Clark appointment both to Chief Defence Force (overpromoted) and then to GCSB.
    He is pissed off he was a) not reappointed and b) his nominee was not accepted.
    Silly old fool.

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  8. Pete George (24,828 comments) says:

    Ferguson did admit today he is partly responsible – and he said that both Clark and Key should have expected to be able to trust that GCSB would operate within the law.

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  9. ChardonnayGuy (1,605 comments) says:

    Damned good critical piece on Colin Craig’s entourage and the fact that his flak-catcher, Rachel McGregor, appears to be a control freak in terms of media management overkill…

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  10. F E Smith (3,504 comments) says:

    Further to my comments on the Thatcher posts the other day, Powerlineblog has also weighed in on the unpleasantness of the left:

    Here is something I don’t understand: liberals are often revealed as vile, vulgar hatemongers–not all of them, of course, but far too many–yet they never seem to pay a penalty at the polls. Why is that?

    Margaret Thatcher’s death has been the latest occasion for the Left to show its true stripes. All across the U.K., there have been demonstrations–vulgar at best, and violent at worst. In Bristol, lefties celebrating a Thatcher “death street party” started fires, destroyed property and battled police.

    This evening in Trafalgar Square, liberals have turned out for a long-planned celebration of Thatcher’s death:

    “We’ve been waiting a long time for this,” Richard Watson, a 45-year-old from eastern England wearing a party hat, said. “It’s an opportunity of a lifetime.”

    As a huge effigy of Thatcher, with a hook-nosed and toting a handbag, made its way down the stairs in front of the National Gallery, the crowd erupted into cries of “Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! Dead! Dead! Dead!” and sang lyrics from the “Wizard of Oz” ditty “Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead.”

    Here in the U.S., the last similar display from the Left was the Occupy Wall Street movement, but liberal violence and general hatefulness have a long and consistent history. Recall, to take cite just one of many examples, the liberals who attacked buses containing delegates and dropped cement blocks on cars from a highway overpass during the 2008 Republican convention in St. Paul. It is notable that violent leftists are never denounced by Democratic Party politicians. On the contrary, as we have seen most recently with Kathy Boudin, they find them well-paid jobs as professors when they can. And it is not hard to understand why liberals tend to be so angry; nearly every communication that emanates from the Democratic Party is a hateful, over-the-top smear against Republicans.

    So to repeat: I don’t get it. Why aren’t more voters repelled by the constant parade of vulgarity, hate and violence that characterizes modern liberalism?

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  11. Pete George (24,828 comments) says:

    FES – it’s not just the left who can be unpleasant as this thread shows:

    Many people across the spectrum can be very unpleasant. And the example is often set at or near the top of the political pile.

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  12. Letterman (183 comments) says:

    F E Smith: I’m not sure how a Press Secretary doing her job can be classed as “overkill”. I viewed the story as an attempted “hit piece” by a TV 3 News Reporter (who seemed to rate himself above the content of the story) that failed to “hit”. What I’m observing is a fairly new party on the scene going 1%, 2%, 3% over the last year or so. National will most likely be publically offended, and privately delighted that a potential new Coalition partner is gaining some traction 🙂

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  13. Judith (8,534 comments) says:

    Pete George (17,114) Says:
    April 14th, 2013 at 1:23 pm
    Actually, I don’t agree. I think most people are reasonably pleasant but stick them on the internet, where they do not actually have to look other people in the face, and they let their inner devil come out.

    Most people wouldn’t dare say to someone’s face what they say on here. (I say most, there are of course absolute shitheads out there, but they are in my opinion, a minority)

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