Total hypocrisy

Whale Oil has a lethal blog post on the massive of .


Go @derekfox for byelection. U wld win for @maoriparty against @nzlabour – and become leader.

Now I think Matthew’s timing was insensitive. Of course there will be talk of the political consequences of Horomia’s death, but to tweet about it two hours after teh death was poor judgement.

Comedian Jeremy Elwood tweeted:

@MatthewHootonNZ You know someone just died, right? I want to think you don’t because the level of fucktardness if you do is inexcusable.

Now Matthew deserves the raps he got from several people for his tweet, but is Jeremy the one to take the moral high ground. Whale finds this tweet from Nov 2012:

Please tell me the rumours of Margaret Thatcher dying are true? Please do not let that be a prank. I’ve been waiting too long.

And then just two weeks ago:

Ding dong the witch is dead.

I’m sorry but what a “fucktard” hypocrite. Hooton was insensitive, but not gloating. To take the moral high ground after your gloating posts over Thatcher is fucking sick.

And he is totally unrepentant:

I will never apologise for dancing on Thatchers grave. She was my personal Hitler. P.H. was just a guy.

In other words, it is fine when I do it.

Personally I find his hypocrisy and obvious hatred of right wing politicians so sickening that if I was a National MP, I’d tell him to go fuck himself if he ever invited me onto a show he is part of. Why helps a guy who hates you get ratings?

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