Wellington Region Mayoral Contests

April 18th, 2013 at 9:00 am by David Farrar

Katie Chapman at Dom Post reports:

Wellington finally has a mayoral race.

Businessman Jack Yan has announced he will stand for this year’s local body election, challenging incumbent Celia Wade-Brown.

He is the first to throw his hat into the ring in what has been a slow buildup to October’s election – by this time in 2010 there were already four declared mayoral candidates.

Mr Yan finished third then, with 7426 votes (12 per cent) against Ms Wade-Brown’s 24,881.

Six months out from this year’s election, councillor Jo Coughlan and concert promoter Phil Sprey have also indicated they may stand.

Mr Sprey said yesterday that he would make a call mid-next week, but he was “leaning probably more towards yes than no”. Ms Coughlan said she was still “considering her options”, including standing for mayor, but she would not indicate a time frame for making a decision.

I think there will be a number of candidates.

Both Upper Hutt’s Wayne Guppy and Lower Hutt’s Ray Wallace are standing again, and no-one has stepped forward to challenge either.

Meanwhile, in Porirua Nick Leggett will be challenged by Brian Collins who placed seventh out of nine last election, with 489 votes.

I don’t think Nick has much to worry about.

Kapiti Mayor Jenny Rowan is being challenged by Gavin Welsh, a farrier who was once in the Household Cavalry.

Interesting qualifications!

Further afield, Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule is standing for the position for a fifth term and will be challenged for the third time by councillor Simon Nixon.

I doubt the result will be different to the last two times.

In Palmerston North, incumbent Jono Naylor is being challenged by Lew Findlay.

That could be an interesting contest.


6 Responses to “Wellington Region Mayoral Contests”

  1. lazza (296 comments) says:

    Mmmm … what are the ruff odds (from a study/appraisal of past results) of an incumbent Mayor being rolled? Suggest … “Snowballs”.

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  2. Lloyd (125 comments) says:

    In Christchurch we need a new mayor. But NOT Lianne Dalziel.

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  3. campit (438 comments) says:

    Once again I say that Mayoral elections should be run under a preferential voting system, so that people are encouraged to come forward without worrying about the vote being split amongst the challengers.

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  4. hj (5,677 comments) says:

    Who is the developers candidate?

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  5. Steve (North Shore) (4,318 comments) says:

    Ms Wade-Brown got nearly 25,000 votes in a City that has nearly 400,000 people?

    This is the City that Governs New Zealand and there are 25,000 stupid people in that City?
    1/16th and she is Mayor?

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  6. Mobile Michael (364 comments) says:

    No one is stepping up because of the Super City debate, even though it is doomed to failure with 5 out of 9 councils refusing to be bulldozed into it.

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