Hopefully never to be seen again

May 8th, 2013 at 2:00 pm by David Farrar

Stuff reports:

A judge has condemned a serial paedophile’s offending as horrific and utterly depraved as he sentenced him to for at least 20 years.

Justice Edwin Wylie said a finite prison sentence would not be sufficient to protect society from , and “I have no confidence that you are motivated to try to rehabilitate yourself”.

He said Ellmers, 41, had failed to address his offending, lacked remorse and there was a very real risk that he would continue to sexually assault young boys.

The Hastings truck driver sat motionless, his head bowed throughout his sentencing in the High Court at Napier yesterday.

Crown lawyer Steve Manning said Ellmers’ offending was “so serious and so disturbing” that preventive detention – an indefinite sentence that can be imposed on offenders convicted of serious sexual or violent offences – was required to protect the public.

Mr Manning read from a psychiatric report which said Ellmers’ “benign presentation conceals a callous nature where his focus is on solely satisfying his own deviant sexual needs with no consideration for the rights of his victims”.

His skill at obtaining trust and grooming victims probably “provides him with a measure of pride and satisfaction”.

Ellmers befriended parents with the intention of obtaining their trust and grooming their sons for sex. His victims were aged 3 and 9 when he began abusing them.

He crushed sleeping pills on their desserts to stupefy them. He used a camera to record his offending and emailed it to others. Many charges relate to objectionable material involving children as young as 6 months.

Ellmers is the type of offender preventive detention was invented for. The minimum non-release period will see him inside until he is at least 61, but I would not be surprised if he is not released until he is extremely old and feeble as he seems unable or at least unwilling to change.

9 Responses to “Hopefully never to be seen again”

  1. Harriet (7,536 comments) says:

    “…..Ellmers is the type of offender preventive detention was invented for….”

    Nope. Wrong again DPF.

    It is ALSO for people who commit far less serious offences than this!

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  2. RRM (12,578 comments) says:

    On another occasion he flew to Christchurch after arranging to pay a man $500 to have sex with his 18-month-old son.

    😯 What the fuck?

    If someone like Ellmers approached me about having sex with my little baby boy, the payment would be in crowbar blows to his head. Not dollars.

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  3. Manolo (22,049 comments) says:

    Ellmers, a true beast for whom there is not enough punishment. Monsters like him justify the death penalty.

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  4. emmess (1,811 comments) says:

    If someone said to me, you can personally execute this filthy piece of shit with no consequences, I’d do it.

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  5. tvb (5,516 comments) says:

    My stomach churned when he paid the father of a 6 month baby $500 for it to be sexually abused by him. And he flew to CHCH for the purpose. Unfortunately there is nothing in the sentencing Act which is harsh enough for this person except PD.

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  6. lofty (1,572 comments) says:

    I presume the father of the wee baby offered will be doing the same time in the same cell as the POS.

    I have a 6 mth old grandchild, and my stomach churned and I felt ill reading about the offering.

    Disgusting and worthless humans.

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  7. lastmanstanding (1,724 comments) says:

    I would happily shoot both Ellmers and the father of the 18 month old and then send a bill for the bullets to their families.

    No probs.

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  8. David Garrett (10,985 comments) says:

    This sort of offender will remain as he is until he dies.

    Our oldest prisoner is an 84 year old paedophile. He has begun the kia marama sex offender programme several times (you know, that’s the programme that for some unexplained reasons is about ten times more successful than any similar programme in the world) and has been kicked off the programme every time because he immediately tries to groom other young males who are also doing the programme. One of “God’s mistakes”.

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  9. Honeybadger (559 comments) says:

    And how many thousands of dollars is it going to cost us to keep this beast locked away? I truly believe, in some instances the death penalty would be preferable., as lets face it, prison is no deterrant to people like this

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