12 questions with Mallard

answers 12 questions in the NZ Herald.

3. Do you believe yesterday’s polls, which had Labour and David Shearer losing points against National?

Umm, well, polls are polls. They go up and down all over the place and they have a margin of error of plus or minus 3 or 4 per cent. On the basis of one individual poll I accept the volatility that moves them around. Having said that, I have been door-knocking in the Ikaroa- Rawhiti electorate for much of the past week and I’d be surprised if our candidate doesn’t get double the votes of the next person behind her.

That’s a ballsy prediction. Having said that, I don’t know anyone who thinks the Labour candidate won’t win. Mana are pushing a rumour that Labour polling has then only 5% behind but I doubt Labour shares its polling with Mana!

7. What’s your best door-knocking story?

During the Mana byelection a mother took me into her son’s room to enrol him and we found him playing some interactive porn game – with a joystick in each hand.

LOL, now that is funny. Poor bastard.