Again focused on the wrong thing

June 13th, 2013 at 3:00 pm by David Farrar

Tracy Watkins at Stuff reports:

Commissioner Peter Marshall is defending the closure of 10 offices during the past year.

MP Phil Goff yesterday accused the Government of misleading the public and said Police Minister Anne Tolley had given a commitment a year ago that no police stations would close.

“You’ve closed 10 stations since September last year, eight of them in Auckland, and that’s probably not the full story because my local police station has had ‘temporarily closed’ on its door for the last four months,” Mr Goff, the MP for Mt Roskill, told Mrs Tolley during a law and order committee meeting at Parliament yesterday.

There was an angry outburst when Mrs Tolley told the committee there was a difference between police stations, and community stations and kiosks.

“Some of those are being closed and no-one’s ever denied that.”

Mr Marshall said he had been asked the same question last year and he had given an assurance no police stations would be closed for financial reasons.

“I stand by that statement. A number of bases – whether you call them kiosks or community bases and indeed a police station – have been closed purely for operational reasons because we have decided it does not fit the type of business and service we want to provide to a community at any given time.”

The offices closed by police included those in Orewa and downtown Auckland, the Porirua community constable base and Halswell Community Office.

Figures supplied by the police show a survey of community police centres in Petone, Naenae and Wainuiomata found that fewer than 1.5 visitors an hour called in to those offices and most were for meetings, contractors delivering goods, people reporting on bail and wanting general community information. Less than a third were reporting a crime or inquiring about lost property.

Labour at times appear to be ultra-conservative. They oppose any change from the status quo in the public sector – no matter what.

They think it is more important that the location and number of offices be never ever changed, than having the Police actually locate offices where they are most needed. Basically these three centres were on average each having only four people a day use them to report crime or lost property. Yet Labour is outraged that they are maintained.

7 Responses to “Again focused on the wrong thing”

  1. lazza (612 comments) says:

    The Orewa Police kiosk was closed to my knowledge without ANY public negative feedback some 18? or more months ago.

    Their main base several streets away more than copes with public enquiries and so on.

    Labour is now really scraping the bottom of the barrel to get any traction with a populist sledgehammer to whack the nats with.

    And did you witness their display in the House last night opposing the Gang Regalia Bill?

    No matter which way they tried to “spin” it and in spite of their many denials they came out as “Pro-Gangs”.

    Oh Dear! Three more years in the wlderness …

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  2. alloytoo (1,037 comments) says:

    Labour is outraged that the sky has failed to fall.

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  3. davidp (3,864 comments) says:

    I popped in to the Porirua community “station” a few years ago. I was actually looking for a building full of Police IT staff that I wanted to visit as a vendor, and couldn’t find. I thought they might know. They’d never heard of it. It turned out to just around the corner.

    If the (civilian) staff had no idea that hundreds of their colleagues were just a hundred meters away, it is unlikely they’d be able to catch criminals.

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  4. Pauleastbay (5,035 comments) says:

    A bit of a porky from Pete, I’m afraid.

    The Downtown Station was what replaced the old Wharf Station when it go too samll. Downtown had all the CCTV cameras fed there and all the beat patrols run from there.

    It was run by a Senior Sergeant, so to say it wasn’t a station is a tad disingenuious.

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  5. RF (2,327 comments) says:

    Poor old Goof. A bit pissed off as someone in the Sky Corporate box ate all the oysters. Sad sack !!!!

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  6. OneTrack (4,602 comments) says:

    “Labour at times appear to be ultra-conservative.”

    No they aren’t. They are just grasping at straws to attack the government with. Anything will do. It doesn’t even need to make any sort of sense anymore. And just think, in 18 months they might be the junior partner in a new government. Sends shivers up my spine even thinking about it.

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  7. Reid (21,405 comments) says:

    They think it is more important that the location and number of offices be never ever changed…Labour is outraged…

    No they don’t and no they’re not.

    What they’re doing is what they always do, take a non-issue they believe has political legs and make a big deal out of it, knowing the idiot media will swallow the lie and give them publicity, because the media are complete and utter morons and wouldn’t know a real story if it leapt up and started punching them in the head.

    This behaviour doesn’t arise in the conservative arena not because the media are all lefties and wouldn’t dream of helping out the conservatives in this regard, but because the conservatives never even try it on. Which is dumb. Because, der, if it didn’t work, then the lefties wouldn’t keep doing it, would they, and they do it all the time, don’t they. It’s part of consistent lefty modus operandi whenever lefties are in opposition and lefties here have been doing it for simply ages, decades and decades and decades and not only here but they also do it in Aus, UK, US, Canada. So what the heck is wrong with silly old conservatives that they haven’t got a clue yet in all these years and started looking at maybe just possibly doing the same thing, when they go into opposition.

    I won’t hold my breath.

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