June 7th, 2013 at 10:00 am by David Farrar

Just like leemings, watch the in Australia at a press conference rush off when they sight a MP they’ve been trying to interview, and then head back to the press conference they were at.

7 Responses to “Lemmings”

  1. scrubone (3,798 comments) says:

    From the reaction of the MP they were interviewing in the first place, it’s pretty much par for the course.

    However I’ve heard about tragedies in the US where the entire country’s media turns up. They’re sitting around and see someone (say, a kid from the school where there was a shooting) and suddenly what was a poor member of the public is being chased down the block by a hundred seasoned professionals who think this is part of their job.

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  2. sbk (330 comments) says:

    being unkind to Lemmings…with the Fourth more valuable as Real estate,the dumber creature surely has to be the journalist/editor…afterall the Lemmings jumping to their deaths was artistic licence/a cinematic construct..whereas the MSM death spiral is actual.

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  3. Redbaiter (11,656 comments) says:

    Dumbarses.- most of them silly little girls as well.

    No wonder our media is so absolutely black hole hopeless and completely beyond redemption. Just shallow lame brained fucking idiots the lot of them. The latest models off the production line of the west’s fast degenerating education systems.

    And John Key hires these people as his “advisers.”

    There are of course a large number of ex-journalists that have gone to work for the current government. In the PMO, Kevin Taylor and Paula Oliver came from the NZ Herald, Jason Ede came from TV3, and Lesley Hamilton came from Radio Live. In the other ministerial offices, Craig Howie and Grant Fleming came from NZPA, Brent Webling and Rachel Bruce are from Radio Live, Jackie Maher from TVNZ, Gillon Carruthers from RNZ, Ben Thomas from NBR, Sia Aston from TV3, and Simon Beattie from the Evening Post.


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  4. suzie q (25 comments) says:

    Mr Fitzgibbon, a Rudd supporter and vocal opponent of Julia Gillard is who they media are running to. The Press Conference was being held by Scott Morrison, Shadow Minister for Immigration.

    For someone who didn’t want to speak to the media it was interesting Mr Fitzgibbon chose to come through “the doors”. Doing the doors in Canberra is a bit of an institution where the pollies stand either outside the public entrance to the house of representatives or sentate in the morning. Its an easy way to talk to media without having to call a press conference. Pollies will line up for their time in front of the camera.

    There are a number of other ways a politician can enter the complex without having to walk past the media. Mr Fitzgibbon would have known exactly the response he would receive and was no innocent party to such an event taking place.

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  5. Paul Williams (883 comments) says:

    suzie’s of course right in her observations… it’s more important to the media to interview a backbencher for Labor who has made not so subtle references to the ALP leadership than to scrutinise the would be Minister for Immigration about their utterly inhumane approach to dealing with refugees

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  6. Don the Kiwi (2,709 comments) says:

    More like moths to the flame = pity they don’t get burnt.

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  7. Steve (North Shore) (5,004 comments) says:

    Sad, the girls chase cock like that as well? just stop and go with the bigger hardon?
    These TV reporters are pathetic, and so are the camera ops, and so are central control

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