Mayors united

June 6th, 2013 at 1:00 pm by David Farrar

The Press reports:

Two former Christchurch mayors are mulling a return to local politics.

Former mayors and are both considering running for the city council at the October local elections.

Buck has been meeting regularly with possible mayoral candidate .

Moore said it was likely Labour MP Dalziel would run for the mayoralty and he criticised the current councillors.

“I would say the probability would be reasonably high. It is up to her to announce that when she finally goes through the starting line.

“The Government has to hand over [the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority] to the local council in two and a bit years. If I were the Government, there is no way I would hand it over to the current council. It needs horsepower.

“We need to think hard about supporting excellent people on the council, not the sort of dull people that many of them are right now.”

Dalziel said she could not comment on whether she had offered Buck or Moore roles in her possible campaign.

“I haven’t formalised where I stand at the moment. People know I’m talking to a lot of people. This is the hardest decision I have ever made in my life.

Oh don’t be silly. Of course you’re standing. It’s not a hard decision. You were dumped from Labour’s shadow cabinet. You won’t be a Minister again, even if Labour wins. So of course you’re standing for Mayor. You’ve spent weeks or months putting together running mates and campaign teams. Just make the bloody announcement.

The involvement of Buck and Moore is astute. I thought Buck was a very good Mayor, and Moore wasn’t too bad either – even though I disagree with his politics. Both Buck and Moore are Labour aligned.

If one or both stand, they will be the ones who attack Parker on behalf of Dalziel, which is a smart strategy. As former Mayors they can do so with credibility, and talk about how one needs a more unified Council and the role of leadership in that. That leaves Dalziel free to run a more positive campaign, which she needs to do. She should win so long as she is not seen as overly negative.

Buck said she was considering running for councillor, but ruled out the mayoralty and the deputy role.

Under the new law, Mayors appoint the Deputy Mayor – not Council. So, candidates will be asked who their running mate is, so to speak.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said Buck would make a “great councillor”, but said she should avoid political affiliations.

“It would be a shame if she tied herself to one political group.”

Moore said he would be an independent candidate if he stood.

“I am sitting on the side utterly despairing at how pathetic the leadership is. Vicki and I have been sitting weeping into our coffees for the last couple of years.

“We have looked at all our hard work and thought: ‘My God, what’s happening?’ This is not a place for show ponies, it’s a time for carefully thought through strategic thinking.”

As I said, Moore and maybe Buck will be the attack dogs for Dalziel. It is a very clever strategy.

14 Responses to “Mayors united”

  1. hj (8,596 comments) says:

    I hear Gary Moore on The Panel with Jim Moira. I don’t know much about the man, he seemed a bit of a non entity. One thing I notice however is that he talks about the need to attract people to Christchurch. My question is why (apart from needed skills here and there)? I’m a conspiracy theorist when it comes to councils, (the councillors are players for various interests all hiding behind smiley faces and claims of “loving Christchurch”). So what was so wrong with Christchurch when it was smaller rather than now (same Port Hills, same Hagley Park, same Summit Road etc)? I always think of a lovely art deco house up St Andrews Hill Road called San Marino. Now it is a double yoker with a neighbour up it’s nose.

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  2. liarbors a joke (1,069 comments) says:

    Garry Moore , the previous Mayor of chc was about as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle. As much as I dislike Parker…he is streets ahead of Moore.

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  3. All_on_Red (3,532 comments) says:

    Oh dear, if Leanne Dalziel is the answer, what on earth is the question?
    Still, I guess if she gets in, her husband will be in line for some juicy contracts. He must be happy. Gotta love that cronyism.

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  4. niggly (964 comments) says:

    Yep I hear Gary Moore on the Panel regularly too, I’m suprised he doesn’t stand for Labour (or the Greens) due to his immecible political correctness and rants against National and right-wingers etc.

    Give me Bob Parker anyday over Moore and the lying Dalziel!

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  5. All_on_Red (3,532 comments) says:

    “her husband will be in line for some juicy contracts”
    Oops, my bad. I was getting her mixed up with Annette King and her husband. There’s so many of them with their faces in the trough doling out favours its getting confusing…. šŸ™‚

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  6. markm (145 comments) says:

    Good god Farrar you clearly know nothing of Moore.
    I do , I was one of his campaign funders and credit him with changing me from simply being a National voter , to having a bitter hatred of the left.
    Garry is very economical with the truth , and on more than one occasion was caught telling me the polar opposite of what he would tell others.

    In that respect he is a perfect Labour man, but don’t credit him with any ability , he is an egotistical twit who’s ability falls well below his opinion of himself , and he is incredibly negative and has lost the city a lot of investment over the years.

    His return to the council would be a retrograde step

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  7. iMP (2,665 comments) says:

    “United” like Untied Future? This looks like Lianne Dalziel (who is expected to giver her parliamentary valedictory in July) getting increasingly desperate to gather a team in Chch (Sam Johnson turned her down). Now sheā€™s trolling the distant past as an answer to the future in Chch. Dig up some dinosaurs. Is this all Labour has, relive the 1980s? Riiii-gght.

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  8. iMP (2,665 comments) says:

    And speaking of Untied Future. Peter Dunne is done. He should go. And here’s why…

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  9. liarbors a joke (1,069 comments) says:

    Pete George will be along shortly iMP to defend the political whore Dunny…wait for it…

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  10. GJKiwi (181 comments) says:

    iMP, Peter Dunne is in due to the fact that FPP is used in the local electorate vote. He managed to score just on 38% of the vote. Peter Dunne should resign to let in fresh blood, that is more to the point. He’s been in Parliament since 1984. However, until the next election, when he will either retire from politics, not win re-election or win again, he is in Parliament fair and square, no matter what system is in use. Bleating on about MMP won’t ever stop getting idiots in parliament. What is the difference between a safe seat and being on the safe party list? Not a lot, I think. Despite what some people claim, people never really voted for individuals under FPP, as I would well know. My parents always voted for National, and we were in a safe National seat represented by Brian Tallboys. Aaron Gilmore is gone, so why are you worried about him? Hone Harawira did the honourable thing and sought a mandate from his electorate, and has since stood again in a General Election. However, when the ACT party is gone and United Future, as with Jim Anderton, we will have just 6 parties in Parliament (one of which, the Mana Party is virtually a party represented by an Independent) something approximating what I would think is a good number, and the reason for MMP in the first place: diversity combined with stability. It is still in its infancy, as those of you who have a long term perspective would understand. So, there will be discussions about MMP, as there should be. However, a list MP who breaks with their party can only last until the next election, and an electorate MP (who is still only in Parliament due to their being by sufficient people in their electorate, and unless they are an Independent) will again only last until the next election. Stop bleating. If you don’t like Peter Dunne, move to Ohariu and stand against him or vote against him. Simple.

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  11. Nukuleka (1,058 comments) says:

    Vikki Buck smiled and smiled (and yes, smiled even more) through her dozy time as mayor- how many decades ago was that? Plenty of ‘Summertimes’ freebies, which was great fun, but oh those aching smiles. Remember her council- funding of the bits of wood that formed the ‘Strawberry Fields’ installation in Little Hagley Park? Last seen floating down the Avon, I think. And weren’t there some interesting business opportunities created for hubby along the way? Someone may be able to jog the memory there.

    Why resurrect has-beens like smiling Vikki and the boring Gary Moore? Perhaps because Lianne is one herself.

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  12. joana (1,983 comments) says:

    Moore is really tedious. He would be worse than parker

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  13. Mike Readman (369 comments) says:

    “She should win”

    Money where your mouth is, DPF?

    Or do you find a 200% return in 4 months not enough?

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  14. RF (2,334 comments) says:

    Phoned a friend in Christchurch.

    The general opinion is that Gary Moore is a failed labour soft cock. Vicky ” I am happy all the time in la la land” was good for the city years ago but is now past her use by date.

    They figure Parker may scrape in in spite of Dalziel looking for a new job after the sheep dumped her.

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