Trotter on SNAFU

June 13th, 2013 at 1:30 pm by David Farrar


’s performance was equally demoralising. Listening to David Shearer’s opening speech, it soon became clear that he had requested the snap debate not for the purposes of elucidation, but solely for the purposes of persecution. ’s career is in tatters and his reputation is shot, but that is not enough for the Labour Party. Apparently, the party of the workers will not be content until Mr Dunne, like the traitors of old, is subjected to a prolonged, painful and very public execution. …

This cannot be achieved without revealing to the world the full contents of the e-mails exchanged between Mr Dunne and Ms Vance. 

Trotter notes:

The National Party’s Deputy-Leader, Bill English, could hardly conceal his delight at the prospect of Labour getting involved in such a fight. Responding to Shearer’s speech, the Finance Minister declared:

“Peter Dunne is a member of Parliament. OK. So this is the proposition of the Labour Party to the media now: any journalist who corresponds with any Minister in any Labour Government needs to know that their emails and voice messages will be open to scrutiny by the Prime Minister whenever they feel like it. That is the Labour Party proposition to the media. Well, let us just watch over the next couple of weeks. Those members might shout it in here, but out there they are going to be working very hard to get off that hook, because their relationship with the media is now at stake, and when you are in Opposition you need to be able to communicate with the media. You need to have free flow of information. You do in Government too, actually.”

Mr English’s boss put it more succinctly. Addressing the Press Gallery, The Prime Minister asked: “Do you guys seriously want me going out there foraging through your correspondence with my MPs and my ministers and other ministers and support parties? … I think that’s a step you would ferociously repel and be extremely vocal in your opposition to.”

Mr Key’s grammar is as tortured as ever, but it’s hard to disagree with what he is saying. Which really leads me to wonder what the hell is going on with Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. If Labour and the can’t make a better fist of defending press freedom and the citizens’ right to privacy than the National Party, then some very serious questions need to be asked about their competency.

During World War II soldiers became so used to the Army getting things wrong that they coined the acronym “” to describe its routine incompetence. I would hate to think that things were now so bad – particularly in Labour – that the party’s strategy for dealing with Mr Dunne could simply be written off as :

Situation Normal – All Fucked Up.

They do seem to have managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. This should have been an easy win for them, but instead they over-reached, and looked ridiculous.

12 Responses to “Trotter on SNAFU”

  1. kowtow (13,217 comments) says:

    Bill says the Labour relationship with the media is at stake……?

    There’s no danger there,the media are so left leaning they might as well be an adjunct of the Labour or Green parties.

    To use another military acroyn media neutality is FUBAR.

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  2. alloytoo (1,039 comments) says:

    Bill flayed the opposition, it was joyous to behold.

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  3. Rick Rowling (892 comments) says:

    Winston & Shearer, like the worst sort of school yard bullies.

    Just because they’ve got the little kid down on the ground covering his head and yelling out “enough – you win!”, they just can’t resist putting the boot in.

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  4. peterwn (4,286 comments) says:

    Who says Labour supports press freedom? Claire Curran does not support it the way she carries on.

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  5. RF (2,330 comments) says:

    This is pure gold. SNAFU Shearer !!!!

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  6. s.russell (2,076 comments) says:

    Rick Rowling,

    Pretty much exactly what I was going to say. Thank you!

    When even Trotter is lambasting them for this it is clearly a very bad look. And this is much worse than Goff’s handling of the Worth affair, which cost Goff a lot of respect.

    So why are they doing it? I can only imagine it is fury, hatred and panic.

    Their political straegy is in tatters, Key is stealing the shirts off their backs on housing, food in schools, electricity (note the Fairfax polls in which 52% thought the Lab/Green plan was a mistake), welfare etc. And just when they thought the momentum was going their way, they get kicked in the gonads by polls shwing their support crumbling.

    So, just like children, they respond by screaming even louder, kicking and biting everything in sight, and behaving irrationally.

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  7. davidp (3,865 comments) says:

    It is interesting seeing the opposition leaders over the last week or so. Peters put in a dreadful performance on Campbell Live. Norman seems to have backed off his demand that the police should sift through the e-mails of MPs and journalists. I suspect this wasn’t a matter of principle, but that someone told him that his nastiness was turning voters off. Shearer has just floundered, as his double standard on the Goff leaks showed. I suspect his instincts were to support Peters regardless of the lack of validity and sheer incoherence of Peters’ attacks on Dunne, because Peters may well be Shearer’s Deputy PM in 2014. But then Norman threw both Peters and Shearer under a bus. Sucks to be a leftie, I suppose.

    But I feel sorry for Turei. She is supposed to be the CO-leader of the Greens, but Norman seems to lead on every issue. It is pretty clear that she is a deputy in all but name. That’s cool… a leader and a deputy selected on merit is a perfectly normal way to operate. But by giving her a co-leader title AND selecting her on the basis of gender, the Greens have patronised Turei and also patronised NZ women. Why does she stand for this? She doesn’t look like a doormat.

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  8. gravedodger (1,704 comments) says:

    @ davidp, “She doesn’t look like a doormat”.
    Nooo she looks more like the old sofa nobody wants to sit on, it is a bit smelly and the dogs love it.

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  9. Sir Cullen's Sidekick (1,301 comments) says:

    Look guys – Shearer and Norman know very well that they are going to sleep walk to victory in 2014. So why should they worry about anything?

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  10. Paulus (3,567 comments) says:

    This afternoon Grant Robertson continued to make a right Pillock of himself, to the Government benches amusement.

    He tried numerous times to query repeatedly of the Prime Minister, who was not there, about who told which office assistant, in whose office, the dates on which the Prime Minister was advised, or saw anything or knew anything on the Dunne affair.

    Gerry Brownless standing in for John Key had a great time continuing to give Robertson the answers to the question.

    If anybody in the Labour hierarchy is reading this – tell Robertson to stop wasting time and pissing into the wind. He is making a fool of himself and Labour.

    The Greens have changed their mind over the weekend and now let Labour carry the so called torch, along with the hypocrite Peters.

    What about some policy – attacking John Key like this is totally unproductive, and a waste of time.

    I would have thought that being number three to Helen Clark would have taught him something more than continuing to stop attacking the man – but I suppose Clark often did that, which why she got arseholed in the end.

    Labour should be disappointed with Robertson – he may have bought a new suit, but the king elect has no clothes.

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  11. thedavincimode (8,131 comments) says:

    the king elect has no clothes

    I wish you hadn’t said that.

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  12. Johnboy (20,828 comments) says:

    The only question we have to ask is:

    “Will Peter George do the decent thing and strangle Peter Dunne before he is hung, drawn and quartered and his sexual bits burned before the adoring crowd”? 🙂

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