Electoral law changes

The Herald reports:

More changes to electoral laws will be made before next year’s election including closing a loophole which enables parties to hide donations until after election day.


Ms Collins also intended to clamp down on the use of undisclosed loans after the Electoral Commission raised concerns that making loans which were later written off, rather than donations, could be used to dodge disclosure requirements.

Which is what the Conservatives did.

Justice Minister Judith Collins also indicated she would look at bigger changes after the election, including whether should continue to handle electoral offences.

This follows complaints that the police rarely prosecute and are slow to deal with cases.

The Police have failed to do effective enforcement in 2005, 2008 and 2011. I’m disappointed they will be left respnosible for enforcement in 2014 but at least the Government hasn’t said no, and so this may be the last election we have where parties and candidates (and voters) can break the law with almost no consequences.

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