Fran says Bring Back Goff

July 27th, 2013 at 12:00 pm by David Farrar

Fran O’Sullivan writes:

Shearer’s fortunes were not helped by the latest TV3 poll in which Labour slid 2.1 per cent to a 31 per cent rating. The results will inevitably increase tensions with the usual suspects calculating what leadership permutations might work if Labour continues its poll slump and its leader – now on to his third chief of staff – can’t lift his game.

The permutations of different leadership combinations: Deputy leader Grant Robertson, David Cunliffe, Andrew Little and Shane Jones all in the mix together with David Parker for the top trio of roles: leader, deputy leader and finance spokesman.

They all have important attributes.

But personally, I’ve never been able to understand why Labour MPs chucked Goff out so quickly after the 2011 election. He has always been an excellent performer and would have driven hard against Key over the past 18 months and made the dents Shearer couldn’t.

It probably gets up Labour’s nose to say so but there is no reason to throw out a seasoned performer (who is clearly light years better than many of his colleagues) simply because he has been in Parliament since his 30s.

Let’s face it, John Howard – who like Goff was a Cabinet minister – before becoming Leader of the Opposition then being rejected by colleagues, rose again to take the Australian Liberals through to win the 1996 election and reigned successfully as Australia’s Prime Minister for four terms before being thrown out of his own seat.

So Fran seems to be saying Labour should go back to Goff.

I think this is unlikely, but not impossible.

They key is that the caucus is shit scared of having a membership-wide vote, in case Cunliffe wins it. So Shearer will only go when a deal is worked out (if it can be) between Robertson, Little and Cunliffe.

17 Responses to “Fran says Bring Back Goff”

  1. Manolo (21,988 comments) says:

    The only hope for the socialists is to ditch Captain Mumblefuck Shearer and bring not the boring recycled Fuck Goff but Silent T Cunliffe. The ABC faction needs to be overruled first.

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  2. martinh (1,460 comments) says:

    Goff cant debate and he hung out in Skycity with those other Labour losers. If Goff is who labour chooses they are definitely not worthy of playing A grade.
    I dont like Cunliffe as i think hes smug but im more likely to vote for him than Shearer.
    Smugness can change quicker than Shearers dumbness and a non smug or non trying to not be smug Cunliffe would make for good political debate at least

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  3. Redbaiter (11,656 comments) says:

    Labour’s extreme left faction won’t rest until they have installed their Great Red Hope Cunliffe as their leader. They will go on undermining Shearer until it happens. Apparently they haven’t learned anything from observing what happened to Australian Labor when they put the extreme leftist Gillard in as leader. And then had to fall back to Rudd when her unpopularity became unbearable.

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  4. mavxp (504 comments) says:

    Which of them can fake sincerity the best?

    I think they genuinely thought that was Shearer. Only he has been as bad as Goff in coming across as a whining bore, and worse is bumbling in the face of media questioning, making Labours incompetence the story rather than any critique of National. If I were in Labour’s cabinet I’d be seriously considering giving Cunliffe a go – even if he is a smug bastard, he can talk to the media with confidence, and perhaps will not be seen as a whiner. What have they got to lose?

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  5. vibenna (305 comments) says:

    Julia Gillard is looking for a job. What about her?

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  6. Inky_the_Red (832 comments) says:

    It really confused me why the media insisted that Labour got rid of Goff in the first place. I thought his part in Labour’s 2011 campaign was the one part that worked.

    The fact Labour stupidly listened to the media in 2011 gave the media control over Labour. The media know they can manipulate Labour so until Labour prove they cannot they have no future

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  7. sparky (235 comments) says:

    Labour quite frankly have not got anyone decent to be Leader. Certainly no one that we would vote for. Just seeing the way they are carrying on is enough for anyone to take to the hills. Goff was just a shade better than Shearer, but you should never look back. However we are quite happy with John Key/National, so we aren’t too worried what Labour/Greens do.

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  8. Pauleastbay (5,035 comments) says:

    I’m sure Walter Nash is still wandering the halls of Parliament why not bring him back- he’s about as relevant as Goff.

    In reality the NZ Labour Party is more akin to a university group of ugly people trying to make themselves popular than a political party ready to run a country.

    In a few words- who gives a fuck about them.

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  9. Ross12 (2,506 comments) says:

    I agree with Fran with her musing about why they dumped Goff so quickly. At the very least , Goff was not so negative about EVERYTHING the other side spoke about. ( That is not to say I’d vote him and Labour)

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  10. jims_whare (497 comments) says:

    Goff worked in 2011? 27% Seriously?

    That is like saying Bill English worked in 2002 and just needed another chance.

    Having said that I don’t think there is anyone in Labour who could win in 2014.

    The economy is on the improve and Labour’s answers are to yesterdays problems.

    They cannot win with their current focus on old school socialist ideals and feminist dogmas.

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  11. bhudson (4,770 comments) says:

    Cunliffe’s successful recasting himself as the champion of the real Left is indeed his real tour de farce

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  12. sbk (329 comments) says:

    “Labour quite frankly have not got anyone decent to be Leader.”…yep…but hey,they still could…well…i dont really wont to visit that scenario…or experience it…(in bed with the Greens…makes for bad porn.)

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  13. hj (8,596 comments) says:

    Labour’s problem is that it is divided over issues a prime example is David Parker on the Nation today. He is asked about how labour would address , demand. for housing in Auckland and he says he " won't go into it now"… so prime TV isn't the time to put your policies forward FFS! Why because they can’t address demand because they are divided over loyalties to NZ labour *or* Sub Saharan African, Indian, Bangladeshi, Philipino, Chinese (and other places where a condom or two would have come in handy) labour.

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  14. MT_Tinman (4,391 comments) says:

    Shearer is doing a great job. Stop picking on him and please, Labour, don’t bring in anyone with a brain – they’ll just get lonely.

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  15. Zebulon (188 comments) says:

    I think Goff would be a good choice. Labour’s removal of him is but one of many examples of its failure to think strategically and long term. So what is he was polling low? Helen Clark also had that issue and then she put that well behind her. Goff is a solid centralist and he would be an effective Labour leader.

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  16. Tom Jackson (2,553 comments) says:

    Labour needs an asshole. Cunliffe is that asshole.

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  17. sparky (235 comments) says:

    @Tom Jackson

    Labour have plenty of Asshole’s. They need to clean out the party and choose a good Leader.

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