Rat poison as coke!

A great quote in this Herald article:

Thoughts of a Labour/Green alliance running the country has given CEOs food for thought.

Asked if Green Party co-leaders Russel Norman and Metiria Turei have added sufficient heft to the Opposition to make a credible potential government, Paul Ravlich, chief executive at Siemens, said: “God, I truly hope not.”

And that about sums up the views of the majority of CEOs who took part in this year’s survey.

One CEO said: “The resulting commercial and business naivety is scary. Their energy policy is a constitutional outrage – The are akin to selling rat poison under the Coca Cola brand – the branding of the Greens as ‘green’ belies their position as hard left.”

This is harsh, but not entirely unfair. The Greens fundamentally do not like economic growth, as they see it as exploiting the planet and people. They used to rail against it. Now they talk about a “richer” New Zealand and lots of “Green jobs”, when in fact their policies are huge massive subsidies for those jobs which will destroy probably 2 – 3 other jobs for every job it creates.

One CEO said: “The Greens have become the Alliance Party in drag. Their naive economic and trade policy thinking threatens to put at risk achievements made on the trade front through the effective bipartisan efforts of both Labour and National.”

Exports to China have trebled since the China FTA. An increase of say 30% would be remarkable, but we got an increase of 200% and more. Yet Greens and NZ First voted against the FTA, and campaigned against it. Imagine how many jobs would have been lost if they had got their way.

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