July 17th, 2013 at 4:00 pm by David Farrar

Left Vegas on Monday (US time). Had a fun three nights there with a 6 am and two 3 am nights out. That’s why so many people like Vegas – there is stuff happening 24 hours.

Thought I’d share my thoughts on the good and bad, for future travellers.


I asked on Facebook and Twitter for recommendations and the Bellagio was most recommended.  They were right. Great location, rooms, facilities, restaurants etc. The fact we got upgraded to a suite helps, but even without that, was a good pick.


We did Bellagio, New York New York, Paris, Caesars, Rio and Monte Carlo. Managed to lose no money at all. Made 250% on Blackjack Swap, 120% on pokies, and 25% on Roulette.  Bellagio and Monta Carlo my favourites, and Caesars least favourite (customers too trashy).


Had dinners at Sensi at Bellagio and Mon Ami Gabi at Paris.

Both excellent. Sensi has Italian, Asian, grill and seafood cusines. We did the seafood. Mon Ami Gabi is of course French and their escargots were as good as in Paris.


On the first night we saw O, from Cirque du Soleil. Probably the best show in Vegas. It is water based (a 1.5 million gallon pool of water) and they have diving, acrobatics, dancing – everything. The show has grossed over a billion dollars in live performances. I had previously seen Ka, and that is also very good.  The costumes alone are amazing.

At O, we were seated on the very front row, next to an entrance. This is known as the wet zone, but you don’t get too splashed. More than worth being that close as you get such a close up view of the performers. And in fact many of them run out in front of you.

On the second night we saw Penn and Teller. I’ve loved them from afar for a long time, so was great to see them live. Their stunts and tricks are done adroitly, but they also use them to make some political points in line with their libertarian beliefs. The TSA airport screening gets dealt to, and the Bill of Rights is highlighted.

Two things I especially liked is how they go out of their way to tell you everything is a trick. They have no supernatural powers, there is no ESP, there is no magic, and people like John Edwards who prey on people’s vulnerabilities are just criminals. Hear hear. Also they meet fans after the show and pose for photos. Two really nice guys to boot.


It is so hot during the day (40 degree) that the only thing to do is be poolside.  One of the best investments you can make is paying $75 to get a permanent recliner in the “premium” section. It means you can come and go all day and not lose your seat. You have an umbrella, and you have dedicated waiting staff who keep you supplied with drinks. It’s like the Koru Club for swimming pools :-)


You can walk to neighbouring casinos, but more than one away and everyone taxis. A few casinos have train links also, which is useful. Be aware can take 10 minutes or so to get to the front of the queue.

Also be aware that trying to get a taxi outside of the main strip can mean a wait of over an hour. if you need to go outside the main area, then pay for your taxi to wait for you rather than try to get a new one.

No longer in Nevada. We drove on Monday through Arizona into Utah and spent last night in Hurricane and now am in the Zion National Park. The photos of Zion are able to be blogged, unlike many of the Vegas ones :-)

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9 Responses to “Vegas”

  1. Matthew Percival (22 comments) says:

    Did you pick up any souvenirs from the Flickers?

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  2. Monique Angel (419 comments) says:

    Visit to Death Valley?

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  3. MarkF (107 comments) says:

    I loved O as well. Ended up front row centre and had to dance with a clown….

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  4. wf (647 comments) says:

    Friend and family have just left Zion – totally impressed, even the kids.

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  5. martinh (1,459 comments) says:

    Hey sounds like you can be an ambassador now like Mike Hoskings

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  6. gopolks (102 comments) says:

    Love Vegas, The wynn is an amazing place to stay. Mirage is a bit cheaper but a decent hotel. Walked everywhere. Would’ve loved to see Penn and Teller. Nothing but good reviews from people who have seen there shows.

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  7. Left Right and Centre (3,838 comments) says:

    All of that highly tempting US food in Vegas cheap as chips…. I wonder how David survived?

    Must be good to be on holiday and in really good shape figure wise.

    I wonder if David was able to relax and switch off in Vegas or if his brain was working overtime in the change of surroundings making social observations etc?

    Anyone pass comment on the kiwi accent?

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  8. Manolo (18,730 comments) says:

    Thank you for the tips. Next year I shall visit.

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  9. wreck1080 (4,667 comments) says:

    Upgraded to penthouse apartment, won back 250% of your money gambling, seated at the front of the best show in vegas, premium recliner reserved poolside, french food just as good as in france. Nice trip.

    Try and visit In’n’out burgers if you get a chance. They only sell 2, hamburger or cheeseburger but they are the best in the land. Or, are you still on a diet :)

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