July 1st, 2013 at 4:00 pm by David Farrar

has announced:

Telecom today announced that from Monday 1 July it will extend the $10 flat daily rate for mobile data roaming to four new markets – Japan, Singapore, Korea and France – and confirmed that it will keep the $6 daily rate for data roaming in Australia in place, after an overwhelmingly positive response from Telecom roaming customers to the deals.

Excellent. This has really shaken up the market, and made roaming far less painful.

In the five months since the flat daily rates were introduced, Telecom customers travelling overseas used three times as much roaming data as they did in the same period in 2012, and Telecom has received very strong feedback on the simplicity and the value of the offer – particularly from business customers.

When I go to the US, I’ll be keeping my Telecom sim card in my phone – something I would have never done if facing per MB data rates.

7 Responses to “Yay”

  1. kyotolaw (48 comments) says:

    So awesome that they are extending this to Japan and Korea. Telecom now covers all my usual destinations for international travel.

    This has changed my life since they introduced it in January. I only wish they had done it a month ago and saved me a $600 phone bill from renting a local phone and wifi router for data.

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  2. dime (13,021 comments) says:


    It makes such a difference being able to use your phone without the constant fear of a HUGE bill.

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  3. Phil (130 comments) says:

    I was in Melbourne for the comedy fest earlier this year. The $6 a day roaming charge certainly was an easy way to keep in touch with home, and Telecom even sent a friendly text message that I might be stretching the terms of use contract when I started liberally using roaming data to download youtube clips. Total bill for a week: $42.

    However, on a business trip to Thailand three weeks ago, I found the local phone networks have a 299 Baht prepay sim, which gives you unlimited internet access for a week. That’s about $12 NZD.

    You’re right that roaming is helpful, but spending a few minutes researching options and gettig a local sim will still work out much cheaper.

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  4. Sir Cullen's Sidekick (1,307 comments) says:

    Phil (114) Says:
    July 1st, 2013 at 5:37 pm

    Phil your Thailand example shows, still roaming is a rip off. That is why Norman and Shearer will be announcing a new policy next week called “Kiwi Roaming”. There will be single agency which will buy roaming minutes in bulk. All carriers in the world need to sell their roam in minutes at a rate set by this agency. Then this agency will sell the minutes to the travelling Kiwis at a moderate rate. Shearer estimates that this arrangement will save Kiwis closer to $350 per year. Norman said – “Kiwis are asking for cheap roaming rates for years and the Government simply doesn’t care. So we have to do something”. Norman confirmed that this agency will be funded by a Telco levy which sources confirmed will be around $1 per call.

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  5. thaksinsproposal (40 comments) says:

    My 2 degrees cell phone.
    Welcome to Thailand said two degrees contract.
    All calls out are $3 a minute. Call inward $1 a minute.
    The NZ cops rang me about a small matter they wanted to arrest me for.
    The law was using public funds and he just kept on talking politics, long after the arrest warrant had drifted from his mind.
    After a while I said to him, I can not afford to talk to you Sergeant , and I can not afford an arrest warrant at the airport.
    Jeez he said , “the complaint was only from a lawyer anyway, we don’t arrrest on the advice of lawyers,
    I thought I would talk to you, interesting theories you have about the NZ Nat list” he said .

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  6. Nigel (637 comments) says:

    Whilst back in Europe they are regulating & are at 45c a MB. I doubt Mr Norman will want to read this one, the market beats regulation, yet again !!.

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  7. kaykaybee (168 comments) says:

    yoohoo Vodafone!!!!

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