A nifty idea

August 22nd, 2013 at 10:00 am by David Farrar


Freshly minted Northern Ward candidate wants to foster resilient communities to make sure Wellington is ready for many risks it faces by introducing Hutt Valley inspired ‘Hitching Posts’ around the city. 

What is a hitching post. Toner is quoted:

Following the evacuation of most inner-city buildings there was a large congestion of people keen to get back to their homes. I was working in the CBD when the quake struck and witnessed firsthand the chaos at the train station. With commuter trains stopped for track inspections thousands of Wellingtonians were left without a way to get home.

Thoughtful motorists pulled into the station and offered others lifts, filling up empty seats in cars. This was Wellington at its finest – people banding together to support each other.

An easy way to support people helping each other in these times is to make it easy to co-ordinate with others going the same way. ‘Hitching Posts’ have been used in the Hutt Valley since 2006 to provide a marking point for people looking for a lift, and would work well at the train station too.

‘Hitching Posts’ would display a popular destination such as Johnsonville or Tawa, and people queue at the sign. Someone with space in their car can easily identify who they can carpool with. This would have significantly eased the chaos at the train station, and had the added benefit of helping to build connections between neighbours.

That’s a great idea. Having a location for each destination makes it so much easier for hitcher and driver.

WCC Watch concludes:

This isn’t the biggest or particularly revolutionary idea out there, but it’s good to see candidates bringing them forward. 

That’s what we want – people with some fresh ideas.

4 Responses to “A nifty idea”

  1. lazza (612 comments) says:

    Right On.

    Lets have more fresh cost-saving co-op ideas this LG election time and tap into extended Voluntarism currently an area largely unsupported (mostly) by our local Councils.

    Another one for budding candidates, if not in place already … “Adopt a Highway” (refuse pikkeruppah) … works well everywhere, urban and rural, (rural particularly good).

    Each property householder loosely coordinated with other people on the street/road/highway take responsibility for picking up rubbish on the verges outside “their place”. Even twice a year “Wombles” will do. Goforit.

    Councils note too. Get the community involved where ever possible as an alternative to the (lazy) put up the rates option.

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  2. Pete George (24,828 comments) says:

    Yes, a very good idea.

    On my way home I often pass people hitching. I sometimes stop but usually presume they want to go further than me (which isn’t far) so pas by. If I knew of any who had destinations within my range I’d stop far more often.

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  3. dave_c_ (858 comments) says:

    Excellent idea – someone needs to promote this to Tranzmetro themselves – When trains are out and buses are laid on, there is absolutely no co-ordination of train users directing them to the relevant bus.! What would half a dozen simple signs cost and a bit of co-ordination with the bus firm/drivers?

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  4. mandk (2,003 comments) says:

    It’s a good way of creating employment for sign makers, but not much else.
    They were introduced in Eastbourne, Wellington, a few years back, and I don’t recall ever seeing anyone use them.

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