Auckland port expansion shelved

The Herald reports:

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has shelved the latest plans to expand Waitemata Harbour for port business until the consequences for the rest of the city are known.

Last night, Mr Brown said the city needed to have a conversation about the future of Auckland’s port based on proper analysis.

“Before we make any decisions about whether the port expands or otherwise, we need an informed discussion with Aucklanders, underpinned by a robust study that includes consideration of economic, social and environmental factors.”

Details of the study, which is not likely to start until next year, are expected to be made by Mr Brown in the coming weeks.

Mr Brown’s statement follows a series on port expansion by the Herald this week and a fresh campaign by the Heart of the City lobby group to have a rethink and not rush ’s latest expansionary plans into the Unitary Plan.

This is a good thing. I am far from convinced that port expansion is appropriate on its current location. I’d like to see a fully independent (ie not paid for by POAL) appraisal of options for future locations so they can be considered.

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