Kim Dot Con?

Whale has this video of being interviewed by Paul Holmes:

Holmes: Should there be heavy damages?

Dotcom: Well, I’m not interested in damages from the New Zealand Government. I’m interested to resolve this case. I’m interested for people to realise the people who attacked me, they made a mistake and that this needs to be resolved in a diplomatic fashion, and soon, because this is just going to drag on. It’s going to hurt everybody. It’s going to embarrass those who are attacking us. And there’s no point in taking this further.

Holmes: If you got damages, of course, I suppose that could go some way to paying for a new broadband cable across the Pacific.

Dotcom: Yeah, but if I would seek damages, I would not seek them in New Zealand. I would seek them from the US Government, which has acted in bad faith, and I would seek that also from Hollywood Studios who are paying the MPAA and Chris Dodd, you know, to do this kind of thing. And I think they are liable because there has been a lot of bad faith and a lot of misinformation.

And in case you missed it here’s the Herald story about him claiming NZ taxpayers owe him damages of $6 million.

Would be nice if media did more than just print his words as press releases with no scrutiny.


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