The final pork barrel update

September 13th, 2013 at 12:00 pm by David Farrar
  Cunliffe Jones Robertson
Raise taxes on rich pricks Yes No Yes
Living wage for all Govt staff and contractors Yes   Yes
Minimum wage $15/hr Yes   Yes
Full employment Yes   Yes
Living wage for all Yes    
Pacifica TV channel Yes Yes  
Regulate food prices Yes Yes Yes
A home for everyone     Yes
Taxi drivers to earn more Yes    
Increase tax rate on trusts Yes    
Subsidies for tree planting Yes    
Repeal all of National’s employment changes Yes   Yes
Expand ban on house purchases to Australians   Yes  
Extend Northern Rail Link to North Port Yes Yes  
Extend Part 6A from vulnerable workers to all workers Yes    
50% female quota for caucus Yes   Yes
Not block the “man ban” if party wants it Yes   Yes
Scrap Kapiti Expressway Yes    
Possibly buy back SOEs Yes    
Possibly keep Super age at 65, not 67 Yes    
Subsidies or “support” for wood processing     Yes
A second cable to the United States     Yes
Extend 2014 target for Treaty settlements to 2020     Yes
Make Police Commissioner apologise to Tuhoe     Yes
National awards within 100 days of election Yes    
Restore Napier to Gisborne rail line Yes   Yes
Tax incentives for regional businesses   Yes  
Change Reserve Bank focus from inflation to employment     Yes
Extend Training Incentive Allowance to beneficiaries     Yes
A living allowance for all students     Yes
Financial Transactions Tax     No
Allowances for post graduate students     Yes
Repeal VSM law     Yes
Relocate government services to Dunedin   Yes  
More compensation for Pike River families Yes    
Rent controls for Christchurch     Yes
Restrict migrant workers in Chch   Yes  
Support mining (at the West Coast meeting)   Yes Yes

Thankfully for the country, the fest finishes on Sunday, so no more damage can be promised!

9 Responses to “The final pork barrel update”

  1. freedom101 (733 comments) says:

    This is going to be fun. When you add the Greens into the equation it will be Greece, here we come. Watch the economy tank.

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  2. wreck1080 (5,017 comments) says:

    Speaking of porkfest, how about an expose on the failures of tony maryatt?

    He is a classic example of why excessive salaries are unjustified.

    Not only when they do a bad job, they get a payout that the average person would earn over ten years.

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  3. Cunningham (956 comments) says:

    “Thankfully for the country, the pork fest finishes on Sunday, so no more damage can be promised!”

    Until the election campaign. Wait until we get the communist Greens and Labour in full election mode. They will promise the earth to get in and we will all pay dearly if they do.

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  4. Redbaiter (11,656 comments) says:

    Thanks for taking the trouble to compile that table Mr. Farrar.

    I enjoyed the laugh.

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  5. hj (8,596 comments) says:

    I’m with Jones

    [If you enjoyed David Farrar’s post on this topic you might enjoy:
    Democracy & Diversity (and the Labour Party) by one of the sane academics: Dr Elizabeth Rata ]

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  6. Yvette (3,027 comments) says:

    Date: 10 September, 2013 19:41:01 PDT
    To: Cactus Kate
    Membership Application

    I acknowledge receipt of your application for membership to the New Zealand Labour Party. However, membership to our Party is not automatic.  Under Rule 6 of the New Zealand Labour Party’s Constitution, a member must “subscribe to the Constitution and policy of the Party”.  From your well publicised positions, I have reason to believe that this is not the case …

    Considering David’s chart above and the impression potential leadership contenders establish policies rather than annual Labour conferences, who would have a fucking clue what “… policy of the Party.” might actually be?

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  7. Nigel Ng (13 comments) says:

    @Yvette: they, the wannabe leaders themselves haven’t got a clue let alone anyone else.

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  8. Archer (248 comments) says:

    Yes interesting stuff that if you don’t agree with the Labour Party policy you aren’t allowed to become a member (or MP?). Looks like Tim Barnett will be insisting the 2 losers in the leadership contest must resign from the Party immediately, given they don’t agree 100% with what the new leader has outlined.

    That is unless Barnett is just making stuff up to stop Cunliffe supporters from being able to vote.

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  9. Pauleastbay (5,035 comments) says:

    Groovy, even if by some miracle labour get into power in 2021 there will be no trouble with the open cast mines that will help fund this countries developement.

    While Silent T is at it how about some more compensation for the families of the Wahine disaster and the Napier earthquke.

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