The Nation 7th September 2013

September 6th, 2013 at 8:52 pm by Kokila Patel

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  • Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges.
  • Petroleum Exploration and Production Association CEO, David Robinson.
  • Straterra (Minerals and mining lobby group) CEO Chris Baker.
  • Greenpeace executive director Bunny McDiarmid.


  • When Jesus was a schoolboy — what Labour’s leadership candidates did at school and university and what sort of impact  they have made in politics. A Torben Akel investigation.


  • What the bloody hell! Now they’re voting here as well. Aussies in NZ. Suze Metherell among her Kath and Kim.

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2 Responses to “The Nation 7th September 2013”

  1. UpandComer (664 comments) says:

    I think people forget – Grant Robertson is a lazy student politics schemer. He was the worst Health opposition health spokesperson in recent memory – he had environment too, and was utterly hopeless. He had something else, but I can’t even remember. I was amazed when they said he had health. He made Ruth Dyson look excellent in Health.

    Cunliffe delivered a budget in 2011 that had a 10-15 billion dollar hole in it. They said they would replace the revenue they would relinquish from not adopting the mixed asset model through capital gains. Well to start with that was 4 billion. Then it turned out that was on the basis of capital gains at income tax rates, which halves that. Then it turned out that their costings assumed taxes on accumulated, not realised capital gains – so that halved it again. Then it turned out it was to be realised over 15 years against a minimum 10billion dollar deficit in the next year. Finally, at the time in 2011, there was good reasons to believe due to National’s 2010 tax switch that there wouldn’t even be more then nominal capital gains for a time. You cannot trust that pompous bullshitter with anything resembling a piggybank. Cullen is correct to despise the idiot.

    These people didn’t have anyone at all in govt, not one individual, dealing with student loans, as Mr English found out in 2010, which was a ten billion dollar asset at the time. He had to write off over a billion dollars in loans due to the Labour parties pathetic, stupid, pathological incompetence.

    People forget – they delivered 5 billion in housing stock that was too small, in the wrong place, without insulation, rotting, and uninhabitable. 5 fucking goddamn billion dollars. That was just managing the govts own housing stock for low income state tenants. It’s taken National until recently just to insulate all those houses that were rotten and uninhabitable. And these muppets want to repeat the same overwhelming incompetence on a truly monumental scale, building their imagination houses that will cost a penny and have a nice back garden. ACC was in such a bad mess in 2008 that there was a serious working group that considered scrapping it as the only viable option. They took the proudest realisation of state monopoly publically funded community responsibility, comprehensive entitlement etc etc left oriented principles, and almost fucked it to the point of it being utterly non-viable. They had no idea about finance, so delivered Mr English a broken non-banking finance sector. They are completely, utterly bereft of any new ideas, and kind of substantive policy – there’s a reason their most energetic efforts in opposition have been around, of all things, voluntary student union membership!

    I think we often forget just how hopeless, incompetent, and actually criminal this bunch of idiot student politicians are, and just how much of an awful tragedy it would be for people if they got back in. They hurt the most vulnerable people through their stupid policies and never never land schemes. Keep that at the top of your minds. If you feel strongly about your country, don’t forget how much it needs Labour to stay out of government.

    I hope Shane Jones can pull a swifty on the young Mr Robertson and the other Goose. At least Jones has some notion of reality beyond fantasy land, where the GCSB and student unions are the biggest issues in the world.

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  2. Ian McK (237 comments) says:

    See these three leeches being feted by Espiner and Soper’s old crow, du pissis Allen or something equally outlandish. Shows how “impartial” media have become . . . these two should be sacked from their positions immediately. Adding to this list should be Squeaky McKay, of the Farming Show, just another propaganda show for Labour, look at the line-up of scum he has on his programmes, makes one refuse to buy anything advertised around this programme.

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