The portfolios

  • ICT/Comms – Cunliffe has taken this himself which signifies he sees this as a major issue. As a former Minister he will bring his experience and knowledge to this area and will place pressure on the Government in areas such as the copper pricing review.
  • Tertiary Education – Grant Robertson gets this again, I think for the third time.
  • Police/Corrections – an unusual move giving these to Jacinda Ardern. is perceived by most people as weak on law & order and hence they try to compensate by having tough speaking (if not acting) spokespersons such as Goff and Cosgrove. Will be interesting to see if Ardern makes more headway vs Tolley than she did with Bennett.
  • Social Development – Moroney got this off Ardern. She’ll be up against Bennett which will be a challenge for her
  • Foreign Affairs – Shearer takes this off Goff. Shearer will do very well in the portfolio, while Goff is sent a clear signal to retire.
  • Broadcasting – Faafoi picks this up off Curran. As a former TVNZ employee should do relatively well in the portfolio
  • Transport – given to the 25th ranked Fenton. I presume they are leaving this portfolio open for the Greens to run in a future Government
  • Arts, Culture and Heritage – this vital portfolio retains three Ministers – Ardern, Robertson and Fenton. So many functions to attend!

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