Will Cunliffe keep his word and apply Part 6A to his own office

of the Employment Relations Act forces employers who win contracts off their competitors to make job offers to all the existing staff of the competitor they have won the contract off.

At present Part 6A only applies to a few industries where workers are deemed vulnerable, such as cleaning.

However campaigned on a promise of extending Part 6A to all workers.

Therefore to avoid being labelled a hypocrite, I can only assume that the new Labour Leader will be making job offers to all the existing staff of David Shearer’s office.

How could you argue for a law change to protect the rights of employees whose employers lose a contract, and then fail to apply the same standard to yourself?

It’s just like how Labour (and Green) MPs argue against trial periods in employment, yet have all their staff on contracts that allow them to terminate their contracts without cause at any time – basically a never ending trial period.

So will David Cunliffe live up to his campaign pledge and apply Part 6A to the Labour Leader’s office and make them all a job offer? For as the old saying goes, what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

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