Former Australian Labor President’s corruption admitted

October 17th, 2013 at 2:00 pm by David Farrar

The front page of the Australian yesterday was about how the former ALP President and union boss, Michael Williamson, took $600,000 in cash in 300 envelopes. The union movement in Australia is riddled with corruption as they have become so powerful. Worse they have control over many Labor MPs. This is one reason the decision by NZ Labour to give unions even more say in their party’s management is regrettable. reported:

Williamson admitted to using blank union cheques to pay $338,470 to his wife, Julieanne Williamson’s company CANME, between July 2006 and June 2009.

He never declared his connection to the business and there was nothing to show for Mrs Williamson’s work which could have been performed in-house for $40,000 a year.

Williamson had an employee say the work was approved at a union meeting before shredding meeting minutes and creating fake invoices claiming his wife worked 80 hours a week.

Williamson admitted taking $600,000 in cash kickbacks through Alfred Downing, the director of Access Focus – a supplier to the union, the facts said.

Williamson arranged for Access Focus to produce the quarterly HSU document with prices inflated by around 20-25 per cent.

Downing would pay the union’s procurement manager, Cheryl McMillan, and she gave cash to Williamson on at least 300 occasions, the facts said.

The union hierarchy allowed Williamson to take signed blank cheques, the facts said.

The vice president of the organisation “simply trusted … (Williamson) would use the blank cheques in the best interests of the union”, the facts said. “No cross checking … was ever done.”

Incredible. No accountability at all.

Another story looks at the politics:

Senior Government figures argue there is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to exploit public disgust over corrupt union officials and expose the entire movement to a royal commission.

They are keen to get cracking on draft terms of reference that would allow a high powered investigation into allegations of corruption across the union fraternity.

Such an investigation could potentially include members of the opposition – and damage Labor’s prospects at the next election.

No decisions have been taken – and Prime Minister Tony Abbott is yet to be convinced of the merits of such a probe.

But equally the exploits of Mr Williamson will aid the voices who want allegations of corruption thoroughly pursued.

Dubbed the “$1 million man” due to his extravagant lifestyle, Mr Williamson took nepotism to new heights, ensuring his family were looked after through union contracts and dodgy management practices.

There is also no doubt that his admission of guilt spreads beyond the HSU and its long-suffering members.

Williamson is the first of a number of political and union figures who are facing potential jail sentences or stiff financial penalties for their alleged misdemeanours.

There is no doubt there is a culture of corruption in several large powerful Australian .

9 Responses to “Former Australian Labor President’s corruption admitted”

  1. burt (11,468 comments) says:

    There is no doubt there is a culture of corruption in several large powerful Australian trade unions.

    There – fixed that for you !

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  2. Redbaiter (11,656 comments) says:

    “There is no doubt there is a culture of corruption in several large powerful Australian trade unions.”

    And these unions own the Australian Labor Party.

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  3. lastmanstanding (1,724 comments) says:

    Why am I never surprised when one of the LEFTIES is caught with their fingers in the till. That’s all LEFTIES know is robbing hard working citizens and wasting money on tarts ( did ya hear me LEN)

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  4. Harriet (7,536 comments) says:

    It is known that ALP union party officials carry two little books:

    Mao’s red one ……..and a little black book……the one with all the illegal shit in it that all the other members have done.

    It’s insurance, not so much that you don’t ever rat on anyone to the law, but that you always toe the party line.

    That house of cards is now coming down. Thompson will soon be jailed, and Gillard will soon face serious public questions.

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  5. lastmanstanding (1,724 comments) says:

    Lennie the Loop is gonna provide me and countless others with a veritable cornucopia of material over the next 3 years That if he stays the distance.

    And another thing. If Lennie is using Council spin doctors to write the crapola that his poor put upon daughters are being forced to spout then the bastard is guilty of corruption into the bargain. I don’t pay then of thousands of dollars of rate a year for Lennie the Loop to go use it for his own personal problems.

    But of course its too much to expect the fawning LEFTIE media to go ask the obvious questions and get the obvious answers. All they want to do is protect THEIR MAN

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  6. Manolo (22,044 comments) says:

    It should come as no surprise. Big unions are corrupt entities in Australia and around the world (AFL-CIO and UAW in the US, Unite in NZ, for example.)

    As R.B. said, they do own the Australian Labor Party. Just ask the crooks Bob Hawke and comrade Juliar Gillard.

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  7. Harriet (7,536 comments) says:

    It’s not only corruption within the Union ranks:

    When NSW Labor got booted out after 15yrs – about one generation of people – the Sydney Morning Herald had a two page spread about the ‘personel relationships’ between NSW, ACT, VIC Labor and Federal Labor.

    It contained HUNDREDS of people who were working within govt departments and who were also Labor members, but who were also related by birth, Marriage, defacto ect:

    The child of X when Married to Y who is now Married to R’s cousin who is in W union and working in Z department and was hired by Q who is the step daughter to X and F when they lived together before X married Y.

    It was a fucken stunning insight into a cult mindset and ‘loyalty’!

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  8. Andronicus (219 comments) says:

    Corruption comes in many forms. Currently Tony Abbott and several of his cronies are being exposed for claiming private travel including that to a wedding in India!

    But we all know only the hated LEFTIES ae caught with their fingers in the till.

    Some characters here have such unbalanced attitudes it’s a wonder they can stand up straight.

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  9. UglyTruth (7,220 comments) says:

    Like Andronicus says, corruption comes in many forms. It isn’t limited to cash payouts, the perverted law of NZ’s judicial system is also a form of corruption.

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