Nasty Rudman

A foul column in the NZ Herald by Brian Rudman on John Slater.  It is just paragraphs of name calling and taunting. What a sad day for journalism.

People can have legitimate views on Cam Slater and his blogging style. But to attack John as a way to getting at Cameron is sad.

Cameron doesn’t take direction from anyone. Not his Dad. Not me. Definitely not National. Not his friends. Even Cactus Kate has limited persuasive success with Cameron. Cameron does what he thinks is right. You can love him or loathe him for it, but to use him to attack his father is pathetic.

On the topic of , it is worth contrasting his steadfast defence of Len Brown with his pilloring of Richard Worth.

Rudman even complains that the Worth complainants didn’t go to the media!


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