NZ Internet Stats

October 14th, 2013 at 11:17 am by David Farrar

Some interesting data from Stats NZ on Internet use in NZ:

  • Broadband connections up from 93% in 2012 to 95% in 2013
  • Fibre connections up from 5,400 to 13,000
  • Those with download speed over 8 Mb/s up from 70% to 88%
  • Those with data cap of 50 GB or more (or none) up from 21% to 34%
  • Average monthly data used up from 16 GB to 23 GB

2 Responses to “NZ Internet Stats”

  1. metcalph (1,516 comments) says:

    Don’t be coy. What’s the pr0n usage stats?

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  2. Paulus (3,566 comments) says:

    Now we have High Speed FO cables to our roadside box we are still expected to pay some thousands of dollars of drilling to connect to our house.

    Cannot see the value to us, so I suppose we will be priced upwards heavily to try and force this connection.

    Law of diminishing return.

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