2013 World Internet Project

The 2013 survey results for NZ from the World Internet Project have been released. A huge amount of data in the report. Some interesting highlights:

  • 92% of NZers use the , 5% never have, and 3% used to
  • Only 2% of users are still on dial-up
  • 79% of users access the Internet through laptops, 74% desktops, 68% mobile phones, 48% tablets, 15% gaming consoles and 10% Smart TVs
  • 34% of users use the cloud
  • 81% of NZers say the Internet is an important source of information compared to 47% for TV, and 37% for radio and newspapers
  • 70% of users are on Facebook, 7% of LinkedIn and 3% on Twitter
  • Only 22% of NZers say the Govt should regulate the Internet more than it does
  • Around 60% of male users aged under 45 visit sexual content sites compared to around 20% of female users of the same age