Achtung – sugar must be banned

Yeah I know I am Godwining myself, but I couldn’t help it.

Check out the website Fizz. They aim to ban all soft drinks in New Zealand with in them!!

We are a group of researchers and public health doctors who have come together to advocate for ending the sale of sugar sweetened beverages (sugary drinks) from New Zealand.

I’m all for informing people that drinking 10 litres of Coke a day isn’t the best idea in the world. But when these lobbyists start trying to ban things, that’s when they become health n***s.  They just do not think we as adult individuals should be allowed to make choices for ourselves.

Personally I don’t drink many sugary beverages, but fuck it if I want to have a glass of fanta at a birthday party, then who the hell are they to say this should be banned.

Dr Sundborn is also planning a conference in which experts will share their views about the harm from excess sugar intake and propose strategies to eliminate the products from sale in New Zealand.

They just never stop. I can accept public health arguments over supply and marketing of tobacco as that is quite unique. But the problem is they use the precedents from tobacco, and then try to apply it to alcohol, then sugary drinks, and then no doubt chocolate easter eggs one day.

We believe that sugary drinks are likely to be addictive, like coffee, alcohol and cigarettes

Coffee will be next on their hit list!

Their about section on the website is blank, but I bet you bottom dollar that 95% of them are on the taxpayer payroll, and our taxes are paying for this little lobby group – directly or indirectly. Their symposium appears to be funded by Auckland and Otago universities.

I have no problem with research into the ill effects of too much sugar. Don’t even have a problem with some educational programmes. But when they advocate for the banning of foods and drinks they disagree with, that is when the taxpayer should say we’re not paying the bill. Looks like the Health Research Council is also funding this symposium which aims to ban soft drinks from New Zealand. Outrageous.


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