How about don’t drive quad bikes stoned?

Stuff reports:

Banning the use of in farming has been raised as a prospect by a in his written findings into five deaths related to their use.

Coroner Brandt Shortland stopped short of including a ban among his recommendations, saying the quad bike was entrenched as a vital farm tool.

Any speculating on such stuff is pretty silly.

Mendoza died after spending at least two days trapped beneath his quad bike when it overturned during weed spraying in September 2010.

He had been smoking between 30 minutes to five hours before his death.

McInnes was spraying a hilly slope for weeds when his quad bike rolled and crushed him to death in September 2010.

Ferguson died when trapped between her quad bike and an electric fence after trying to tow a trailer of silage up a hill in August 2010.

Cornelius was weed spraying when he was found dead, pinned under his quad bike in September 2011.

He had cannabis in his system consistent with smoking a single cannabis cigarette within three hours of his death.

Van Der Pasch died of a terminal head injury when his quad bike rolled onto his head in September 2011.

So two of the five deaths involved a driving who was stoned while driving the quad bike. I think the lesson is that quad bikes are not dangerous – drivers are.

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