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Tracy Watkins at Stuff reports:

, 52, and wife Bronagh, have made a pact over what happens when that day comes. Theirs will be a life lived in the slow lane – or slower, at least.

Life after politics will probably involve some commercial work, a board chairmanship or two and even some “ex-prime ministerial things”, said Key.

But he won’t be doing a Helen Clark and chasing a top United Nations job. He has been living the dream for the past few decades – a high-powered investment banking career, then a “dream run” in politics – he has been prime minister for almost half the time he has been in Parliament. The sacrifices have all been Bronagh’s, he insists.

When it’s all over “she doesn’t want me taking a really high-powered, seven days a week job”.

But nor has Bronagh – who was in her 30s when he entered Parliament and celebrates her 50th birthday next week – ever put a time limit on this part of their lives, he said.

There’s a video interview at the link which is a good watch. It is obvious that John Key doesn’t measure his success or happiness based on how long he will be in power for.

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