Monday Motivator – Te Whaiti-Nui-a-Toi Canyon

November 18th, 2013 at 10:00 am by Richard Hume

Monday Motivator 3

This week we venture into the North Islands Whirinaki Forest to a wee gem of a location. I love being out in nature and discovering amazing places such as this. I’ll never forget arriving at this canyon which is located beneath a large canopy of trees and just feeling the awe and spirit of the scene. It was simply beautiful and I was determined to capture a photograph that resonated some of the mood and feeling of this ageless canyon.

I loved this perspective as soon as I found it – the steep heavily mossed canyon walls just seemed to drop away beneath me and the rushing water at the bottom sparkled like a jewel. This photograph was captured in a single frame with an exposure over a minute – this is how I was able to capture the beautiful surreal-like water which makes this such an enduring photograph.

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I hope you enjoy this photograph – you can download it as a free Desktop Wallpaper HERE and please share with your friends.


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2 Responses to “Monday Motivator – Te Whaiti-Nui-a-Toi Canyon”

  1. wikiriwhis business (5,169 comments) says:

    Is this not a scene from Avatar…surely

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  2. wiseowl (2,273 comments) says:

    Great place for a monorail.

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