October Public Polls

November 11th, 2013 at 1:00 pm by David Farrar



Have just published the latest polling newsletter. The summary is:

There were three in August, four in September and four in October

The average of the public polls has National 13% ahead of Labour in August, 8% in September and 10% in October. The current seat projection is centre-right 59 seats, centre-left 61.

Tony Abbott starts his term with modestly positive approval ratings in Australia.

In the United States President Obama’s approval rating is at an all-time low, and only 21% say the US is heading in the right direction. However Republicans also down in the polls.

In the UK Labour’ leads the Conservatives by 7%.

In Canada an ongoing scandal in the Senate sees the Conservatives a just 29%.

The normal two tables are provided comparing the country direction sentiment and head of government approval sentiment for the five countries. The mood has improved in Australia but plummeted in the US.

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12 Responses to “October Public Polls”

  1. Redbaiter (11,656 comments) says:

    Question- Conservative Party has frequently polled substantially higher than many of the minor parties (United Future for sure) and is now attracting support that is bringing it closer to NZ First.

    Why is it not included in this analysis?

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  2. hj (8,596 comments) says:

    TV 3 said NZ First at 4.5% is “Extremely dangerous”; they wouldn’t say that about the Greens?

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  3. Chuck Bird (6,591 comments) says:

    I wonder how the seats are worked out? Is NZF counted for any seats and if so are they considered centre left? NZF and the Maori party could go either way.

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  4. David Farrar (1,771 comments) says:

    The Conservatives are included in the analysis in the full report. I just haven’t updated the graph template.

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  5. Samuel Smith (276 comments) says:

    Bye bye Tories.

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  6. nickb (3,765 comments) says:

    I think you are mistaken SS. We don’t have any of them in NZ.

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  7. Harriet (7,541 comments) says:

    The US is clearly the example that the liberal progs are on the nose.

    No one wants more and more government into their lives, and the reason we know that is because that is all that Obama is offering Americans!

    Conservatives simply represent freedom from government intrusion, therefor pure democracy, while ‘the choosen one’, is representing the enforcement of idealogy by all the arms of government onto the people, historicly known as totalatarinism.

    The public are now seeing through the MSM and liberal progressive propaganda, and there is a shift in poliety worldwide to democratic conservatism. It can only gain more momentum.

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  8. wikiriwhis business (5,174 comments) says:


    Kiwi’s want a top secret TPP no one is allowed to read until it’s signed.

    News to me

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  9. adze (2,133 comments) says:

    nickb SS is confused. He’s rooting for the Sandinistas in 2014.

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  10. freemark (938 comments) says:

    It amazes me how wankywankys business & his ilk bang on about the “secrecy” in TPPA, when they know full well that parts of any commercial negotiation are always private for very good reason. No commercial nous or experience maybe? Unable to understand trade? Or just just another conspiracy-theory loving fuckwit troll. I think his name is Hue, regardless he/she is taking orders from Clint.

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  11. ChardonnayGuy (1,605 comments) says:

    David, is there any indication from Canada whether Toronto’s Rob Ford crack smoking and alcoholism mayoral scandal has affected perceptions of the Harper Tories there, or is it the controversy over their manipulation of the Canadian Senate?

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  12. ChardonnayGuy (1,605 comments) says:

    Harriut, you do realise that the Republicans are experiencing continuing backlash from the general public over the Tea Party federal shutdown fiasco, don’t you?

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