The eternal Prime Minister

November 20th, 2013 at 3:00 pm by David Farrar

The Herald reports:

The Opposition may as well pack up and go on holiday: next year’s election is already won and will be the Prime Minister for all eternity, says the monk at Thailand’s Wat Pho temple.

Mr Key and his wife Bronagh were shown around the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok yesterday, one of the city’s oldest wats with hundreds of Buddhas covered in gold leaf – including the famous Reclining Buddha, 15m high and 43m long.

Mr Key was shown around by monk Phrasuthi Thammanawat, who proved to have a good sense of humour.

He told Mr Key that his brush with the Reclining Buddha meant he would be the PM forever.

We could rename ourselves as North Zealand 🙂

“If you believe it, apparently you’ll get luck. And he’s convinced I’ll be the permanent Prime Minister of New Zealand.”

Mr Key appeared slightly horrified by his new fate, but clearly hoped the luck would hold for at least another year.

I can think of previous inhabitants of that office who would be delighted, not horrified, by that prediction.

What he had not seen was that his wife was moving behind him, filling them even more diligently. Given Mr Key has promised Bronagh will have some control over his post-politics life, it is likely that her version of good luck was the opposite of him becoming the Prime Minister in perpetuity.

Heh, I think that is a safe bet.

14 Responses to “The eternal Prime Minister”

  1. wikiriwhis business (5,192 comments) says:

    The monks are obviously ignorant of the rape of our coastal waters and West Coast families declined financial support like they are dole bludgers .

    The real world is calling as usual

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  2. Lance (3,830 comments) says:

    So wiki
    Are you going to stop using oil products in support of stopping the rape of (various peoples) coastal waters?

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  3. Peter (2,096 comments) says:

    *Rape* of our coastal waters?

    How so much hyperbolic BS is retained by such tiny minds remains a mystery.

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  4. wikiriwhis business (5,192 comments) says:

    “*Rape* of our coastal waters? ”

    Not to mention the Chinese are buying more land after the Crafer Farms.

    WE’ll be tenants in our own country in no time and while you guys move to sunnier climes you’ll be calling us all peasants on KB.

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  5. Peter (2,096 comments) says:

    You might want to look at how much land Iwi has been selling in the past few years.

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  6. s.russell (2,088 comments) says:

    The perception that John Key finds the idea of eternal PM-ship horrifying is one of the reasons he is such a good PM. But I hope he’ll continue to sacrifice himself to this cause for a good few years yet.

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  7. smttc (826 comments) says:

    Wiki, are you hj’s brother? Comment like him.

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  8. KevinH (1,751 comments) says:

    David Cunliffe was seen furiously rubbing the reclining Buddha in the hope that he to would experience good luck and become Prime Minister of New Zealand.
    The monks rushed over on seeing Cunliffe busy rubbing away and said, Mr, Mr , do you wish to turn into a woman? You are rubbing the manhood of the Buddha.
    Cunliffe looked horrified and replied in his best English, Fuck no, we’ve got enough of them in the Labour Party, I’m doing this for myself.
    Sir replied the monks, you will forever be a limp dick at that rate.

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  9. Bovver (174 comments) says:

    The Westcoast have had plenty of financial support Wiki (if you are talking about the Pike River families) it’s you Fabians that want to destroy the Westcoast by shutting down all mining and drilling.

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  10. wikiriwhis business (5,192 comments) says:

    ‘Wiki, are you hj’s brother? Comment like him.’

    I’m probably gonna sound like a lot of people as they work out there’s something fishy in the state of the beehive.

    which is why third party representation is so strong

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  11. wikiriwhis business (5,192 comments) says:

    ‘it’s you Fabians ‘

    Pfff. The ACT Party proved strong collusion between National and Labour because that’s where the Act MP’s came from

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  12. Bovver (174 comments) says:

    Collusion on what, more bat shit crazy conspiracies.

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  13. adze (2,133 comments) says:

    I’ve learned to ignore emotive comments that demean words like rape by using them as euphemisms for unsustainable resource management.

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  14. Johnboy (20,828 comments) says:

    Oh Lord give us hope that Noble Bob has backed over a few little boats (that it didn’t see of course 🙂 ) and commenced to drill us a well that will make us all as wealthy as Sand Jockeys! 🙂

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