Wednesday Wallpaper | Spectacular Sunset Over Lake Pukaki

spectacular sunset and lenticular cloud formation over Lake Pukaki Mackenzie basin, south canterbury new zealand

We are on the road at present were blessed to witness this incredible sunset and lenticular cloud formation over Lake Pukaki last Saturday Night. Mackenzie Country, South Island New Zealand.  Photography By Todd Sisson

Yup – I’m back….

Apologies for the no-shows over the past month or so, the task of building our new website has proven significantly more taxing than expected – it feels as if we carved the thing out of granite (using our foreheads as chisels).

But the good news is that a bigger, better, faster site is now up and live (seemingly, after more budget and deadline blow-outs than a US defence force project).  Feel free to check it out – we even have a working blog (with real posts on it 😉

As to the photo – this is one of dozens of killer  images that Sarah & I are collecting on a very productive one week road trip in Canterbury.  Check out Sarah’s (superior) version of this scene here.

Cheers – Todd

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