Young Nats launch an app

The Young Nats have announced:

Young Nats first in NZ with Smartphone App


The Young Nats are the first youth wing in New Zealand to launch a smartphone App for iPhone and Android. 

“We are changing how New Zealanders can connect with politics,” says Young Nats President, Sean Topham.

“Roughly one in every two New Zealanders own a smartphone, and that number is on the rise. It’s the Young Nats who are stepping up and leading the way when it comes to connecting young Kiwis with National,” says Topham.

“Members and supporters up and down the country now have another way of connecting with the latest news and events, as well as taking on an active a role to sign up their friends so that we can build the best grassroots campaign heading into next year’s election,”

The Young Nats worked with the team at Marker Studio to develop the App.

“We’re pretty sure that no political party in New Zealand has done this yet, and for us it’s just the start,” says Topham.

 Download the Young Nats App here:

iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod):


Good on the Young Nats for this initiative. Almost everyone under 30 has a smartphone, and an app can be a great way to stay in touch with supporters.

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