Friday Photo: 13 December

December 13th, 2013 at 8:36 am by Chthoniid

A couple of pics today of the .

Excitement in Auckland increased briefly when some were recently spotted around Torbay :)

click for larger, higher res image

Click for larger, higher res image

Also, if you want to see some pics of our very unusual pseudoscorpions, I’ve got a blog post on them at my website.  I spotted the small arachnid hitching a ride on the leg of a fly.  They’re actually common this time of the year.

Cheers B


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2 Responses to “Friday Photo: 13 December”

  1. stephieboy (1,152 comments) says:

    Many thanks B. What a joy to see the Kaka in Auckland up at Torbay.A Terrific Christmas present from nature and great news for the recovery of the endangered native bird species. It ranks with the rediscovery of the NZ Storm Petrel thought extinct and rediscovered at the Little Barrier earlier last decade.
    I can only surmise that the Kaka has reestablished itself around Torbay buffeted by storms and winds from the Little Barrier.

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  2. Chthoniid (1,967 comments) says:

    I like seeing them around, but I don’t think it’s quite up with the Storm petrel :)

    Tiritiri Matangi Island is pretty close to the East Cost Bays, and we do get avian visitors from time to time. Sadly there’s no evidence that they’ve established here.

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