Weekly Wallpaper | Mount Egmont / Taranaki From Wai-iti Beach

Mount Egmont at sunset, Waiiti Beach, Taranaki, New Zealand - stock photo, canvas, fine art print

Mount Taranaki / Egmont at sunset. Viewed from Waiiti Beach, Taranaki. New Zealand landscape

My four week winning streak with posting Wednesday Wallpapers on an actual Wednesday came to a grinding halt yesterday due to flaky internet service all day.  The frustration was well worth it though –  as van-loads of embattled Chorus technicians were hooking up the new fibre cabinet down the road – our rural ADSL speeds have more than doubled overnight!

Today’s image was made by Sarah during our caravan delivery trip, last school holidays and I am posting this as a ‘reminder-to-self’ that the world will keep turning when school breaks up tomorrow 😉

See you next week!

Cheers – Todd

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