2014 Coalition Options


The table above shows the state of play. Taking each in turn.

Greens – ruled out by National. Greens have not explicitly ruled National out. Preferred partner of Labour

NZ First – deemed unlikely by National but not ruled out. Ruled in by Labour. In past has said will negotiate first with largest party.

Maori Party – ruled in by National. Labour not ruled out but are trying to wipe them out of Parliament. Maori Party preference would be decided after election and consultation.

Mana – ruled out by National and vice-versa. Not ruled out by Labour.

ACT – ruled out by Labour.

United Future – has ruled out Labour. Not ruled out by Labour.

Conservatives – deemed possible by National. Labour has ruled them out. Conservatives not ruled either in or out and said preference is to support largest party.

So the effective groupings now are:

Right – National, ACT, United Future, Conservatives
Centre – NZ First, Maori
Left – Labour, Greens, Mana

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