Brown payment must be made public

January 27th, 2014 at 1:00 pm by David Farrar

The Herald reports:

Expectations are rising for a settlement by Auckland Mayor towards the $100,000-plus cost of a review into his extramarital affair to be made public.

Three of the five councillors negotiating a settlement – Chris Fletcher, George Wood and Dick Quax – believe it is the wish of the group to make the settlement public.

Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse and Penny Webster, the other two on the negotiating group, are staying quiet.

Mr Brown told the Herald last week that when councillors set up a group last month to enter into binding negotiations, the resolution was the settlement would be confidential.

Of course it must be made public. The is a public organisation and has public accounts, plus the payment could be requested under the . I’d be amazed if the Ombudsman ruled that such a payment could be deemed commercially sensitive or confidential.

We are still waiting to hear also the full cost of the inquiry. The legal fees incurred when the Mayor lawyered up are rumoured to be well in excess of the direct cost of the inquiry itself.

19 Responses to “Brown payment must be made public”

  1. martinh (1,460 comments) says:

    Good point about LGOIMA.
    I really hope the full cost is revealed to us ASAP before Len trys to get away with a percentage payment of the original cost.
    His current wife was the mistress with who he cheated on his first wife with and it was then that he was taking money from south auckland taxpayers. So i bet this current wife of his will be miffed if she loses some coin that was destined to go towards her tacky bleach blond mop and old cruddy lips.
    Gold diggers both of them hopefully both with the clap in their smelly bed too

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  2. igm (2,469 comments) says:

    Take the Lecher’s money and show him the door . . . he is a disgraceful piece of left-wing excrement.

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  3. Joanne (177 comments) says:

    Surely in the Annual Report it would have to be disclosed as a note. I would imagine it is not in the usual course of Council business. It would almost fit under extraordinary business. I can’t remember the exact definitions, it’s been a few years since I was an auditor.

    I thought maybe those that don’t want it disclosed are claiming employment confidentiality but that would be a weak argument because the Mayor’s salary is disclosed.

    If Dick Quax is pushing for disclosure you can guarantee Len wouldn’t have contributed much, if any.

    It just gets worse.

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  4. RRM (12,574 comments) says:

    “We just investigated you. Here’s the bill for the investigation.”

    I’m as critical of the Wanker as anyone else, but the that (albeit a caricature) doesn’t seem very reasonable…??

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  5. martinh (1,460 comments) says:

    The wanker took gifts undisclosed, of course he should pay for the investigation into him that found his wrong doings while as Mayor. Dont forget the wanker did his best to hide it using highly paid lawyers, spindoctors etc costing all us taxpayers so bloody much to try and get the truth out of him.
    Do you not remember him saying before the investigation that he had done nothing wrong?
    He lost, he was found out due to this investigation so like any loser in court who does their best to try and delay justice he like them must pay costs.

    The wanker must pay then piss off to his porn room

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  6. burt (11,468 comments) says:

    It’s not really fair that a person in public office be accountable to the public. Where will it end !!!!!

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  7. Viking2 (14,371 comments) says:

    Len won’t quit as he has to pay this somehow and quitting cuts the options.
    He looked all chipper the other day at the train station opening. Very confident indeed.

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  8. Zebulon (190 comments) says:

    He is like a mushroom, thriving on secrecy and darkness. A poisonous mushroom

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  9. calendar girl (1,867 comments) says:

    Of course Brown should pay for the costs associated with investigating his “private matter” use of Council position and resources. But comments critical of the personal appearance of Mrs Brown are crass, and decidedly unhelpful to the more important, central objective.

    Most Aucklanders simply want to gain the right to replace their incumbent Mayor with a person conspicuous for his/her personal integrity, service commitment to the community, and outstanding leadership skills.

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  10. martinh (1,460 comments) says:

    Calendar Girl
    Shes the crass one.
    Len was stealing money from the poor in south auckland when he met her, he then goes on while with her to do dodgy financial stuff in Auckland central in which she was involved in- ie ringing up the hotels.
    Are you a feminist or something?
    i know mutton dressed up as lamb when i see it

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  11. calendar girl (1,867 comments) says:

    Again, mh, there is no call for comments critical of Mrs Brown’s personal appearance. She was not resposible for Brown’s 2-year affair with Bevan Chuang.

    You are ‘debating’ at gutter level.

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  12. martinh (1,460 comments) says:

    Calendar girl.
    I think we must be talking about different people, who is Mrs Brown?

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  13. oob (206 comments) says:

    The Labour Party Mayor Len Brown is conspiring with the Labour Party deputy-Mayor Penny Hulse to suppress the details of how much the inquiry cost Auckland ratepayers and how much Labour Party Len Brown will reimburse Auckland ratepayers for the cost of the inquiry.

    Sam old same old, and it’s all just so ‘banana republic.’

    Time and again, Labour Party corruption remains unpunished and is tolerated. From MPs raping teenage boys, through stealing taxpayers’ money to finance an election campaign, to voter registration fraud in south Auckland on to Len Brown taking kickbacks, the Labour Party operate with impunity.

    It’s time for decent Kiwis to vote from the rooftops. The judicial and political pillars of our democracy have proved incapable of protecting our democracy from Labour Party corruption. It’s time for decent Kiwis to ensure that justice is achieved, through other means.

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  14. wreck1080 (5,017 comments) says:

    councils keep things secret all the time under the guises of ‘commerical sensitivity’.

    And, Auck council are also not cooperating in a private citizens leaky building inquiry, saying it would cost too much.

    My council made me sign a confidentiality clause not to disclose some ratbag, and i think, corrupt activities they were up to. (council paid my legal fees in return for confidentiality). I’d love to say what it was, but, sadly cannot.

    Surely the ratepayers have the right to know though!!

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  15. secondcumming (101 comments) says:

    Brown will resort to every trick in the book to ensure he pays as little as possible. The reason being, when it comes to spending his OWN money, he is well known as being a real ‘cheap prick’……and there is evidence to back this up:

    Extract from Affidavit sworn by Bevan Chuang –

    13) ….Mr Brown bought me some cheap black lingerie as a gift. I knew it was cheap because I had to return the item to Bras and Things because it was the wong size. This was among a number of inexpensive gifts he bought me over the course of our two year affair.

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  16. martinh (1,460 comments) says:

    second cummings.
    And him and his wife buy slutty looking cheap bottle blond dye too

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  17. publicwatchdog (5,630 comments) says:

    Who should pay for the Ernst and Young Report, when arguably they should never have been chosen by the (former) CEO of Auckland Council, Doug McKay, in the first place??


    Given that Section 8 of the Auckland Council ‘Code of Conduct’, clearly outlines the process to be followed when there are allegations of ‘statutory’ (or ‘non-statutory’ breaches) thereof – why wasn’t it?

    Why was an independent ‘Conduct Review Independent Panel’ not constituted by the Auckland Council Governing Body, based upon their selection of suitably qualified persons, ‘with appropriate skills and knowledge, recommended by the Chief Executive’?

    “8.5. Conduct Review Independent Panel

    The governing body shall constitute a Conduct Review Independent Panel. The members of the Panel will be selected from a list of persons with appropriate skills and knowledge, to be recommended by the Chief Executive. …. ”

    Upon what lawful basis did the (former) CEO, Doug McKay, chose NOT to follow this ‘due process’, but effectively made up his own process and arguably ‘picked his own people’ – Ernst and Young?

    8. Compliance

    8.1. Compliance required

    Elected members must comply with the provisions of this Code of Conduct. Members are also bound by the Local Government Act 2002, the Local Authorities (Members’ Interests) Act 1968, the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, the Secret
    Commissions Act 1910, the Crimes Act 1961 and the Securities Act 1978.

    The Chief Executive will ensure that an explanation of these Acts is provided at the first meeting after each triennial election and that copies of these Acts are freely available to elected members.

    Short explanations of the obligations that each of these Acts has with respect to conduct of elected members are attached as Appendix 2 to this Code.


    I have applied for ‘speaking rights’ at the Auckland Council Governing Body meeting to be held on Thursday 30 January 2014, 9.30am Auckland Town Hall, and am awaiting for confirmation that my application has been accepted.

    Seems incredible to me that the VERY clear process for dealing with complaints under the Auckland Council ‘Code of Conduct’ was not followed?

    Was there a ‘Conduct Review Independent Panel’ EVER constituted by the Governing Body of Auckland Council?

    If not – why not?

    Penny Bright

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  18. nasska (16,759 comments) says:

    Cuckoo alert! 🙂

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  19. Kea (15,179 comments) says:

    Penny get a boyfriend. But not Len ok ? You can do better.

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