Food myths

The HoS reports:

Turned down a McDonald’s thickshake this summer because you’ve heard it contains pig fat? Given up drinking diet cola because of cancer fears? Swapped margarine for butter because you’ve heard table spreads are just one molecule away from plastic?

These are three of the most common myths about – and experts say misinformation about is worryingly widespread.

Had not heard that third one.

Consumer NZ food writer Belinda Allan said there were myths and misinformation about almost all kinds of food. “There have even been myths about broccoli being bad for you.”

Some of the most pervasive are that organic foods are better for you, oysters improve your sex life, Diet Coke causes cancer and – one of the most common – canola oil was used to make mustard gas and should not be eaten by humans.

A few rave about oysters, but it is really a placebo effect.

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